Stacey Jackson Interview

Check out our exclusive interview with pop sensation Stacey Jackson! It was so nice getting to interview her. Click HERE to purchase her single on iTunes.

Hi Stacey! Thank you for speaking with Jay Swag Entertainment News. First can you please tell us a little bit about yourself and the new single “Is This Love”? 
 "I'm a song writer, performer and a mum! I'm from Montreal but i now live in London. The new single is a cover of a classic rock ballad by Whitesnake which I remade into an upbeat dance track! I've had 4 top ten club hits and I've also recorded with Snoop Dogg."

Not only are you a mother of four, but you are also a pop artist! How do you manage your time? 
 "I try not to drop the ball! I do most of my writing and recording while the kids are in school and when I perform, I'm usually on stage around midnight so I manage to compartmentalise my time!"

What is the inspiration behind your music?
 "I pull from many genres of music. I love House Music, Pop, Motown, disco and hard rock. I grew up an 80s rocker so some of my pop/dance tracks have the edgy guitar in them but then I also have some tracks with 70s disco strings sprinkled in there. Quite eclectic I guess."

Being based in England and still being able to sell out a U.S. tour is pretty amazing. What do you think contributed to this? 
 "Thanks! I would say probably the Internet. My videos, music and interviews are all up there in cyberspace. I also think the DJs travel and are playing my music in the clubs pretty much everywhere so people are getting more familiar with my work."

What do you find to be the most difficult thing about being a recording artist in trying to make it in the industry? 
 "I think I'm a bit of an anomaly because most people trying to break it into this industry are a bit younger. I've had a family first and only in the last couple years have found success later in my life. Breaking down those barriers was a bit of a challenge but I'm doing it so I guess it doesn't matter how old one is. If you put out great music, the djs spin it, people dance to it and then buy it, it shouldn't matter if you're 20 or 40."

Your song "Live It Up" is a lively song that you can really dance to, how did you come up with it?
 "It's about going out and living your life and following your dreams...which I am! I wrote the lyrics based on a vivid dream I had where my late father came to visit me and told me that now is my time, I've gotta give this a try and do what I've always wanted to do."

Snoop Dogg is featured in, "Live It Up" can you describe your relationship with him? What other artists would you like to work with in the future?
 "He was very professional and he really believed in the track and in me and it was great to record with him in Boston. He respects that I am "living my dream". We spoke about our kids and sports and I'm now a member of the Dogg Pound... Stacey "Bow Wow" Jackson!"

What is more difficult; being a mother or a performer? 
 "Definitely being a mum! I've been performing way before I had children. Singing is second nature to me.  But nothing prepares you for sleepless nights with a newborn baby or teenage hormones!"

Thank you again for taking the time to do this interview. Do you have any last thoughts or comments? 
 If people want to know more about me or stream some of the tracks, follow me on Facebook atwww.facebook.com/staerox, twitter: @staerox and my website is staceyjackson.com 

-Jeff Skomsky-


Anonymous said...

Its incredible that she can be mother and performer. More power to her.

Anonymous said...

Very nice interview. I like her music so much (:

Clare said...

Shes so good! Love the interview. I think it's cool that she is a mother and pursues her dreams. wishing her the best in the future. Her music is certainly catchy lololol

Jade said...

Fun interview! Glad to see Jeff doing more things now.

Anonymous said...

Nvr heard of her but she got a song with snoop dogg so that's hot. I'll check it out

Linda said...

love this interview hope to see her live soon

Anonymous said...

i have seeen her live and she is fabulous. i love her music it is so catchy

Anonymous said...

great job! i love your blog s omuch its really fun and the layout is great as well. I also love your ambition and all of your interviews :)