Oscars Fashion

The Oscars is where the true fashion at awards shows shines, and actually matters. I think virtually everyone looked great, so I only picked my top 5 to mention. There were so many great looks for the Oscars this year, these stylists really were playing no games this season! 

The moment a lot of people were talking about, was the beyond gorgeous Angelina Jolie. She donned a fabulous Versace Atelier black dress with HIGH slit.

My second fave was Viola Davis, this Emerald green looks amazing on her! I think she should have won the oscar for best actress even though I love Meryl too.. and never watched her movie.

Speaking of Meryl, I love the metallic fabric in her Lanvin. Its another big fabric this fall. She looks very stunning.

Another most talked about look was Gwenyth Paltrow's amazing Tom Ford dress with cape. Its revolutionary, and a definite fashion risk, but it looks beautiful.

No one laugh at my number 5. But there is a place in the fashion world for the adorable Christopher Plummer. Not only was he the oldest person (at 82 years old) to win an Oscar, this Velvet coat is 40 years old! And was custom tailored to fit him for awards night.

And he also wins best speech for staring at the Oscar and saying "You're only 2 years older than me!"
-Malibu Mara-


Anonymous said...

oh god! that color on viola is stunningly gorggg.

I am also obsessing over Angelina Jolie's gown. Great fashion night

SarahMarie said...

Great picks Mara :) when will you and jay p be hitting the red carpets hahah

Gab said...

I literally only watch the show fr the fashion. Lollll all the other stuff is boring! But I LOVE the red carpet this year and I couldn't agree more with your picks.

Anonymous said...

omg gwenthy paltro's cape is perfection

Christie said...

I have to agree!

John.Panichella said...

I'm wondering the same thing! haha Thanks for stopping by =]

Anonymous said...

I was happy with very ones look. I couldn't believe that guy threw those ashes on Ryan though!