Meet The Artist - Cazwell

This time on our Meet The Artist feature we've interviewed a rapper by the name of Cazwell! Be sure to check him out and keep up to date with all of his projects.

Hello! Thank you for speaking with Jay Swag Entertainment News. Can you please introduce yourself and tel us a little bit about yourself?

“Sure. My name is Cazwell. I'm a writer, DJ, Producer, live performer and you might even consider me a rapper. I've been making and producing music for myself and other artists for almost 10 years now. I got my start in the downtown gay club scene of New York City where I still continue to DJ, perform and throw parties.”

 Let's jump right into it; being homosexual do you find it harder to be successful in this industry?

 “I used to. I use to try desperately to be accepted by people in the hip hop music industry when I first started my career in Boston. I had high hopes of being accepted as a gay out artist in the music industry. I finally came to the realization that for the most part people in the music industry, particularly hip hop, have association issues with gay people. Once I accepted that fact and stopped trying hard to be accepted is when things started to happen for me. I think the trick is to try to create your own scene and your own sound and let the right people find out about you and follow you. Could it have been easier being straight? Quite possibly. But there's nothing rewarding about being a closeted artist.”

Fat Joe has recently said that the Gay Mafia will soon control hip-hop. Can you please explain why he said this and what he meant by it?
 “I have no idea. I'm laughing right now as I’m reading that. If there is a gay mafia I wanna be down with them. Sounds like some serious Mob Wives shit. LMAO!!!”

 What type of genre do you think your music fits under?

 “Ultimately, party/club music. I look up to LMFAO and how they bring humor to the game and cross over a lot of boundaries. I would love to work with them.”

People describe you as a performer that is very "unique and charismatic." Do you agree with this statement? If so why?

“YES. I couldn't agree more! lol. I'm very uncontrived on stage and performing is kinda like an all or nothing thing for me. I pull a lot of my inspirations from cartoons, particularly Bugs Bunny and I think him and Roger from American Dad are the most charismatic personalities to hit the TV screen. When I was trying to be accepted by the world of hip hop I found there wasn't much room to be flamboyant and colorful. Now that I broke free of that thinking process I don't see any rules. And there really shouldn't be any rules when it comes to art and creating.”

 I read a little bit about your show "Boombox." Tell us a little bit about the show and where we can watch it.

“Sure. Its on Here TV. You can see it on the Pay Per view channel or heretvonline.com . It’s very similar to when MTV used to play videos constantly and there was a VJ that would introduce the videos, talk about the director, the band and interview the artist. I get to do a lot of that. I try to bring attention to videos that people may not otherwise see like Hunx and his Punx, Maluca, Girl in a Coma, CSS, Jessica 6 and countless other talented musicians. I'm really happy with it. I hope we start planning out Season 3 soon.”

 In addition to this you've been able to open up for Lady Gaga. Can you tell us about this experience and how it has affected you?

“I was lucky enough to rap on a remix album of "just dance" for DJ's. When I first met her she wasn't famous yet but she took herself and her art just as seriously as she does today. I performed with her at a party I threw called Family on Avenue C. I remember after she performed her songs everyone just shrugged their shoulders and looked at her like "oh just another club kid with a dance single…oh hum..". It’s crazy to think about that now.”

Where does your inspiration to be a "gay" rapper come from?
“I don't know if I understand the question. I was never inspired to be "gay". I just am.  I started rapping as a teenager mostly because I can’t sing and I really wanted to perform on stage. The more I did it, the better I got at it and writing songs. I know some people may refer to me as “the gay rapper" but that’s not how I see myself.”

Describe your upcoming album "Hard To Be Fresh."

“For this album I worked with a few talented producers that I meshed really well with. I worked with Faugult & Marina, Count De Money, Jesse Novak (Tugboat) and Chris Bracco to name a few. The various songs contain club anthems, hip hop and some moombahton. All the songs are fun,sexy and dancefloor worthy. I’m very happy with it. It's a strong album.”

 That was the last question. Again, I want to thank you for taking the time to do the interview. Do you have any last thoughts or comments?

 “I have remixes for Unzip Me with Peaches available on iTunes and Beatport very shortly so look out for them and look out for my new "Rice and Beans" video coming soon.”

-Jeff Skomsky-


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he is pretty gud! i cant believe he got to meet Lady Gaga. Paws Up thats amazing

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glad to seeee that Jeff is doing more work now haha. Good interview too. Cazwell seems like an hilarious guy loll. i love how he says he wants to be down with the Gay Mafia lmfao im really laughing.

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Its really great that he's open about his sexuality. Too many people are forced to remain quiet. That's such a burden on them. Love this feature :)))

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Cazwell is so chill. I like the Interview

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