Meet The Artist - Adam Tyler

When you think of Pop music, Adam Tyler is one of the artists who will definitely come to mind in the near future. His new music video for "Like A Drug" debuted on AOL as the"Video of the Day," and has received over 120,000 views on YouTube alone! Adam was nicest enough to answer a few questions for a short interview. Check that out below!

Thank you for speaking with Jay Swag Entertainment News. Can you please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about yourself?
“I'm Adam Tyler, a singer and songwriter based in LA but originally from Missouri.  I released my debut album "Shattered Ice" in August 2011.  I love pop music, and you'll hear a lot of pop on my album, as well as some electronic, dance, dub step, and acoustic elements.  Besides music, I love photography, dancing, barbeque sauce, Jamba Juice, and Willy Wonka candy, amongst other things!”

When did you start to get into music and who was your biggest inspiration?  
“I started to get into music seriously when I was in high school.  Although I've been singing since I was really young and I've always loved performing, it wasn't until I did the musicals, choir events, and concerts in high school that I really started to believe in myself and get serious about doing music as a career.  I always knew I wanted to do music, but everything in high school really solidified the idea in my head.  I'd say my biggest inspiration is Madonna, as she's continuously reinvented herself and has pushed the envelope as a pop artist.”

I see that you have some touring experience. What is your favorite part of being on tour? Your least favorite?  
“My favorite part of being on tour would be performing.  I love being on stage and I get such a rush from it all.  My least favorite part of touring would probably just be lack of sleep.  I'm not much of a sleeper to begin with, but when you're traveling and working day after day it does catch up with you a little bit and you start craving an extra hour or so just for down time!”

If you could work with any artists who would you pick and why? 
“I would love to work with Madonna, Trent Reznor, Lady Gaga, Hurts, and September.  They all make fantastic music, and I admire each of them for what they bring to the table musically.”

What can you tell us about your current projects? What can we expect from them?
“At the moment, I'm really focusing on promoting "Like A Drug", which is my new single from my "Shattered Ice" album.  The video for the track premiered in January 2012, but it's not released until March, so I'm promoting that at the moment.  The single has some amazing remixes so expect to hear them in all the clubs this year!  I'm also gearing up and rehearsing for all the shows I have this spring and summer, and I can't wait to get back on stage and perform!  If you're able to make it to my gigs, expect a good show!  I'm also working on an acoustic EP featuring tracks off my album which I'm really excited about.  The album features a couple of stripped back versions of songs, but this new EP will focus solely on my voice and a guitar.”

By now you've certainly heard the shocking news about pop legend Whitney Houston. Has she personally inspired you in anyway? How did you react when you heard about her passing?
“I listened to Whitney as a child because my mother had "The Bodyguard" soundtrack, and as a vocalist I looked up to her because she has such a fantastic voice!  When I heard the news I initially thought it was some internet rumor just because I didn't actually think or want to think it was true.  When I found out it was true though I was shocked.  She was so young and I know she inspired a lot of people in the world with her talents, so it was a bit intense finding out.”

You're music video for "Like A Drug" debuted as the AOL Video of the day. Tell us about that, and the process to make the video.
“Having my third music video premiere on AOL still feels a little unreal, and I'm still pinching myself that I was offered that opportunity!  The video was filmed in an abandoned warehouse in London back in October 2011.  We had 16 dancers in the video and it's definitely my biggest video to date! We could only film when it was dark outside, so considering we had limited time, I think the video came out amazing!” 

What has been the fan reaction to your career thus far?  
“The reaction to my music has been fantastic so far and I have some of the greatest supporters anyone could ask for!”

What would you like your legacy to be?  
“I've not really thought about my legacy to be honest because I'm focused on the present, but I'd love to be remembered as someone that helped keep pop music alive and running.”

That was the last question. Again, thank you so much for speaking with Jay Swag! Do you have any last thoughts or comments?
“Thank you Jay Swag!  For anyone that wants to keep up to date with me or chat, they can hit me up on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/adamtylerfans) or Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/adamtylerx).  I've got a lot of exciting things coming up this year so make sure to keep up to date with me!  And a huge thank you to all the supporters and fans for being fantastic and standing by me through this journey!”

-Jay P-


Jennifer said...

I love 'Like A Drug' Great song. i hope he gets to work with Gaga soon. he deserves it

Anonymous said...

not many people know about him but ive been listening to his music for a little while now and i really like it. i wish more people know about him though so i hope this post will help with that

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I've seen him live and he is amazing! #TeamAT keep making more pop music!!

Anonymous said...

I saw him live too. He really is incredible. So much energy. I cannot wait to hear more.

Ryan said...

I think I'll enter that contest! I better win haahahahhe

Victoria said...

fun interview! keep up the good work. loving this blog so so much