Grammy 2012 Red Carpet Fashion

The Grammy's aired on Sunday and fashionistas were out in full force!I watched most of the preshow on E!. However, I generally don't care for the "fashion police" opinions. They had a good idea of the best dressed (minus Nicki) and I think everyone should watch Fashion Police when they air the segment on the Grammys if you want to see more looks from the red carpet.I plucked a few of the big names people were talking about. As usual there were hits and misses, but surprisingly I think there were more great looks than bad.

Jessie J was automatically one of my faves when I saw her shining and sparkling. 

My fave of the night MIGHT be Adele, she looked so radiant!

As much as I don't really listen to Taylor Swift, she looked really good.

Rihanna looks really good, I'm not feeling the blond hair though.I would take fire engine red over this.

I'm also in between with Katy Perry. She was over tanned, and looked very orange. I also wish her hair wasn't blue BUT it went well with the dress. She channeled jiggly puff at the last awards, this time around it's a la Marge Simpson. The dress itself is very beautiful.

Lady Gaga doesn't need to hide her face. I see what she tried to do, but I think her veil took away from the look. But Lady Gaga doesn't ever know where to stop when it comes to fashion.

The worst of the night was again.. Nicki Minaj. I don't care that it's Versace, even without the bishop on her arm, it was not a good look. No one looks good wandering around in a huge robe besides Andre Leon Talley.


Anonymous said...

WOW u guys got this up pretty fast. nicki looks terrible i dont know why she did tat. and its dissrespectful

Kimm Marie said...

Rih can rock any hair doe. Adele looked (and sounded) incredible. but rih still looks the best to me

Vincent Morris said...

Rihanna all da wayyyy.

Anonymous said...

Rihanna look great to me. So does Jessie J. I like them both.

Jade said...

I totally agree! Adele was ABSOLUTELY beautiful. She's my favorite person haha

Anonymous said...

nikki makes a fool of her self now in the costume she wares to vents

Anonymous said...

I just read why nicki wore what she did and the performance. It's actually a good idea! Google it guys. It clears everything up. Rihanna looked AMAZING