Aretha Franklin Releases Statement Regarding Whitney Houston

Rumors were flying that the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, was asked to not attend Whitney Houston's funeral by Whitney's  mother, after Franklin commented and said that parents today need to make sure that their children are prepared when they leave the home. Gossip bloggers jumped on this and stated that Cissy Houston was upset at Aretha's statement and felt that she soul diva was attacking her parental abilities. Then, when Aretha did not show up at the funeral, it seemed sure that was the case.

Aretha's team released a statement saying that the singer was suffering from leg spasms, which caused her to stay home and rest for a performance later that night. Her publicist also confirmed this, which proved that there was no bitter feelings between Aretha and Cissy. Aretha went on to say that "This is no reflection of Cissy or Nippy's upbringing," and that she just wanted to warn the new generation of artists. There you have it! No need to believe the rumors right away.
-Jay P- 


Anonymous said...

Thank god! I thought they were fighting. They're both to ladylike to act that way :)

Kate said...

You should do that blog about your night, tomorrow like you said you would. Don't forget.

Tyler said...

Its good to hear that's not the case. I thought the service was really nice. It was near my house and I really wanted to go! Lol so many celebrities.