Amazing Spider Man 3D Trailer

You may have seen this by now but I wanted to share it with you guys anyway. Above is a trailer for "Amazing Spider Man" 3D, and I think it looks great! The new actor looks like he'll play the role of Spider Man perfectly, and it looks like this film may be better than all of it's predecessors. 

There's been mixed thoughts so far, but a majority of the comments have been positive. People are excited that there's finally a sarcastic Spider Man who uses quick come backs. Of course, there are those who are criticizing the movie, saying that they would prefer for Toby Maguire to reprise his role.  Regardless, I hope this movie does well at the box-office and lives up to all of the hype surrounding it. 
-Jay P- 


Meredith said...

Is he the man from the social network? He's really cute ;)

Anonymous said...

This is really unrelated but u haven't done a vlog in a long long time. U should do some more.

Anonymous said...

I have even waiting for this movie for SOO many years. I really really need to seee it so bad.

Xmwjqihshe said...

It looks good to me and I want see it. When come out?