Vote For Luke Bilyk !

Okay guys! I really need your help with something. Luke Bilyk has been nominated for a Shorty Award in the Actor category, but he needs all of your votes to win! All you have to do is click the above image, or HERE and fill out the form. Just make sure it says "I nominate @lukebilyk1 for a Shorty Award in #Actor because..." If it doesn't say Actor then just use the scroll box and pick Actor. Then, fill in a reason after "because" and then click "Tweet your vote." You may then be prompted to sign in with your Twitter account and after that you're finished. It's that easy!

Luke Bilyk is a great actor and he totally deserves the award so I'm just asking you all to vote for him in the competition. Once you vote be sure to tweet and ask your followers to do the same. Together we can help him win a Shorty Award! Thank you to everyone that will vote. 
-Jay P- 


Anonymous said...

i may make a twitter just to do this

Anonymous said...

so i guess you's are still friends? thats coool. dont worry i'll vote