New Mentors Added to The Voice !

Now that X Factor is over I need another talent show to watch. American Idol is coming up, but the one that I'm looking forward to again is The Voice. I thought the first season went pretty well, and I know that the talent wasn't that great last season but I really believe it will be better this year. Anyway, some recent announcements have been made regarding the new season, and they're all good!

The judges have all added new mentors, and they've revealed who is who! Defending champion Adam Levine will be brining along Alanis Morrisette and Robin Thicke to help his team. Christina Aguilera will be accompanied by Jewel and Lionel Richie. Cee-Lo Green is teaming up with Ne-Yo and Babyface, and last but not least, Blake Shelton's guests will be Miranda Lambert and Kelly Clarkson. 

With such a star studded line up of judges, one can only believe that the talent will be superb this year. Last year the show was brand new, so auditions were not publicized that well, but after the show did very successful I'm sure many hopefuls have auditioned. Be sure to tune into The Voice on February 5th to see who will have the strongest team!
-Jay P- 


Jesss said...

omfg kelly clarkson is the bomb she better make me proud and show everyone how to really sing

Andrew Shark said...

i rlly likd the show just becuz it was more abt talent than abt tragic stories and wht ppl looked like. i think the new judges will be a good touch too

Anonymous said...

i like the show but i really didnt hear anything form the winner =/ it sucks they didnt give him the proper attention

Anonymous said...

Awesome except I still dont know who Blake shelton is.

Kelly said...

I hated the showww so much not looking forward to it again