Kelly Rowland - Keep It Between Us

I love this! Check out Kelly Rowland's new video for "Keep It Between Us." I actually never heard the song until today but I think the video is great, and I think Kelly sounds even better. Although "Motivation" was such a huge hit I was afraid that Kelly would be going away for a while after the song. I just thought that she didn't have enough diversity in her music. Hopefully with this song added to her collection she'll have a long lasting career. 

The only thing holding  Kelly Rowland back is the fact that it takes her such a long time to make one song. I really think what she needs to do is go into the studio and make a full album with tons of hits, and not take three years to get it out. She's such a talented artist and I think with the right team she could be huge. I'm definitely rooting for her and I would love to interview her someday. Until then, enjoy the video!
-Jay P- 


Anonymous said...

I pref her voice over beyonce. I think she's better. It does take long for her to make music however

Anonymous said...

Okaybsong. I hate Kelly Rowland though. She tries so hard to be a beyonce but shell never be as good.

Vick Green said...

Omgz people need to stop comparing her to Bey. They are both talented in their own ways. I love both an I think this is a great song.