Joyful Noise - Keke Palmer Sings Man in the Mirror

Check out this scene from the upcoming film Joyful Noise, starring Keke Palmer, Queen Latifah, and Dolly Parton. In the above footage Keke Palmer sings a snippet of Michael Jackson's hit song, "Man in the Mirror." This is personally one of my favorite songs by Jackson so I love to hear other's interpret it in their own way. I think Keke Palmer is actually a very good singer and I think she sang it pretty well. 

Palmer tweeted the following statement in regards to this scene; "No one will EVER sing this song better than Michael, I just wanted to do it justice... really wish I could have met him." I think Michael Jackson would have been very proud Keke Palmer and I do believe she did the song Justice. I usually don't like seeing movies like this but I actually might just have to go see this when it comes out! I really would love to interview Keke Palmer sometime this year as well. What do you think of her version of Man in the Mirror?
-Jay P- 


Anonymous said...

wow she is really good. i didnt know she was that good. thanks for sharing :)

Krissy Martin said...

she has a nice voice. shes so pretty too. haha shes like perfect. one of my favorite celebrities right now. shes so real too

Justin said...

She did really good. She's awesome

Anonymous said...

ive always really respected Keke Palmer. shes one of the only celebs that seems so real and nice and just great. you should try to interview her