Jay-Z's NYC 40/40 Club Shut Down

The 40/40 Club in New York City just went under major renovations and reopened with a huge launch event. Things looked good for the club...until it was shut down just a day after it's star studded reopen. According to sources the club received a "C" grade and was shut down due to many health violations.

The inspector found perishable goods just sitting on a counter, and also saw workers mixing salsa without gloves. That's disgusting! The whole report is very in-depth, but some things that were noted were five pounds of cooked mashed potatoes at a temperature of close to 90 degrees, and 50 turkey burgers were being kept at a temperature of 67 degrees. Hot foods should be at least 140 degrees, if not hotter. Another big issue was the walk-in refrigerator having a temperature significantly higher than what it should have been. Reps for the club said that the fridge broke right before the inspection took place. 

The club immediately addressed and corrected all of the issues and is supposed to be re-opened. They will face a re-evaluation next month to see if they can remain open. After $10 million of renovations you would hope that the staff would get their act together. I always wanted to go to the 40/40 but maybe I'll check out the one in Atlantic City instead.
-Jay P- 


Kim said...

gross! i thought it was supposed to be a nice club.

Anonymous said...

i went to one before (not NYC) and it was dirty too. this doesnt surprise me

Anonymous said...

Yu cldnt even get into a club if yu wntd. Yur only 18

john panichella said...

Well...not that I have to explain everything but I would get a private room.