Christina Aguilera Sings At Etta James' Funeral

The funeral of the late superstar Etta James marked the last goodbye for many of her close friends and family. The star studded crowd gathered today in Los Angeles to say their farewells. I actually didn't get to see the service but I've heard good things. I saw someone tweet this video of Christina Aguilera honoring one of her favorite singers and felt that I should share it with you guys.

Christina Aguilera begins with a short speech in which she tells how much Etta James truly meant to her. You could tell that she was feeling pretty upset and I thought it was brave of her to open up like that right before singing "At Last." When it came time for the actual performance I thought she did a decent job. I've definitely heard her sing better but it's easy to see that her nerves and emotions were getting the best of her. I wish she would've sang it a little more simply. 

I've been reading so much hate on this video. People are saying she over-sang it and that she sounded terrible. I'm not really sure why everyone hates Christina Aguilera so much but I really didn't think it was that bad. I admit, the arrangement was a little "much" but it's just disrespectful to say she was terrible. I'm sure every single person that hates on this performance would do a better job...or even be able to honor one of their idols at their funeral. 
-Jay P- 


Anonymous said...

oversinging it. not like etta james. terrible. fake emotion.

Anonymous said...

wow how could you say that. she did a good job. jayps right. dont be mean to christina.

courtnay rayray said...

hmm itsss nottt as badd as peoplee are sayinggg. like youu saiddd i can tell she was superr nervous. but like foreal like how could anyone sing at something so seriouss and not be! jeeeeeze peoplee stop being so hard on her ( :

Jade said...

she sang it well :) people just love to judge

Anonymous said...

omg she does too much with songs and ruins them. like why would you ruin such a beautiful song AT HER FUNERAL. ugh!