Melanie Amaro Performs "Earth Song"

This girl is amazing. Week after week she gives a stellar performance that proves she is the one to beat, and last night was no exception! Melanie Amaro performed Michael Jackson's "Earth Song" and did a great job with it. This is probably one of Michael's most difficult songs to cover just because his voice is so distinct at the end but Melanie made it her own and showed off even more of her range. Melanie Amaro has one of the best voices I've heard on a talent competition and I really hope she wins. My second favorite performance of the night definitely belonged to Drew, who performed "Billie Jean" with her own touch. Drew is simply amazing as well. She has something that you cannot learn. For all intensive purposes, she has the "X Factor." I didn't really like any one else last night. I thought they did okay, but Melanie and Drew were in a league of their own. Tune in tonight to see who gets sent home during the double elimination.
-Jay P-


Team Astro said...

i cant believe astro got sent home this show is fake. he has the most followers. how could he get sent home. this is stupid.

Anonymous said...

...maybe astro got sent home because his "followers" are 7 year olds that dont know how to use a phone...real music lovers know that he is a talented writer but he doesnt belong in the competition. its as easy as that. Melanie should win

Anonymous said...

...I can't believe they got rid of Drew. She was one of the best on the show. Marcus is pitchy everytime he performs. I'm really disappointed with America and their voting.