X Factor Live Show

Last night the next X Factor started with it's Live Shows. As much as I love some of the contestants, none of the performances were amazing, at least not in my opinion. That being said, below are my favorite performances of each of the categories. 

Groups - Stereo Hogzz

Boys: Marcus Canty

Over 30's - Stacy Francis

Girls - Melanie Amaro

Now, I know that most of these performances aren't perfect; none of them were last night. I do however feel that these performances connected with the audience and had that unique quality that a successful artist needs. Also, Melanie's performance seemed somewhat rushed at the beginning, which may have led to her being a little pitchy on some notes. Aside from those notes though, Melanie proved that she has a powerful voice and such a strong, pure, tone. Lastly, if you follow me on Twitter than you know that I was complaining all night about the host. He does a terrible job! I really hope that they get a co-host or a new host all together. I'm not sure if I can deal with him rushing the judges every time the show is on.
-Jay P- 


Anonymous said...

i luv melanie but this wasnt her best performance :(

Anonymous said...

Stereo Hoggz are good and I'm glad theyet someone else do something but they haven't proved that they all deserve this.

Jessica said...

omg stacy francis is so good. she shouldve been famous a long time ago. im so glad shes getting her time now

Megan Snow said...

i like the rapperr <33 u shouldve put his video here

Anonymous said...

i COMPLETELY agree and i hated the host so much. i think he was the worst i ever saw

Shane said...

I think Melanie is really good. Not her best but still great. And the host really needs to chill