The X Factor USA

Last night was the premiere of The X Factor USA and I was definitely watching! If you follow me on Twitter than you got my live reactions to everything that happened, but I still wanted to do a post and talk about the show. I actually liked The X Factor more than American Idol just because it allows for a wider range of competition. The talent was also very evident! Below are videos of some of my favorite auditions of the night. Feel free to let me know who you liked the most. 

(I thought Rachel Crow was a great way to open the show. She has a great voice and I think she will definitely have a career ahead of her.)
(Marcus Canty was my favorite male vocalist of the night. I really appreciated his tone. Not everyone has such a good tone to their voice, but his is definitely something that he was born with. You can't teach that.)
(Stacey Francis...Wow. Favorite performance of the night. She will go very far.)
(...what was this nonsense...)

Be sure to tune in to The X Factor tonight on Fox!
-Jay P-


Anonymous said...

y didnt u liek the last guy :( he was my fav

Jade said...

Marcus was great and so was Stacy Francis! both possible winners in my opinion

Katie said...

you said you have an intervieww. when is it

Anonymous said...

icnt wait till tonites epi