Cindy Chang - America's Got Talent

Last night on America's Got Talent there was a great performance by 42-year-old Cindy Chang. She is an unemployed housewife who always wanted to be a singer, but she was discouraged to do so by her own parents. Now, I'm not a fan of opera at all, but that does not mean that I should not recognize talent when it is necessary. It was so nice to hear her sing so purely and from her heart. You can tell that this is not just something she is doing for money, but rather she is trying to live out her dream. I think that there is also a great message in her story, and that message is to not let anyone stop you from following your dreams. Even if your own parents say that you are not good enough, you should go for it anyway. Never let anyone stop you. Great job Cindy!
-Jay P-


Anonymous said...

this is so inspirational. its so nice to see people following something they beleived in

Anonymous said...

elle chante magnifiquement

Jade said...

she's so good