Dawn Richard Interview

Hey guys! Check out my exclusive interview with Dawn Richard of Diddy-Dirty Money! I saw her at the Super Jam 2 concert in Philly and knew right away I had to interview her. I contacted her management and got the interview set up. See what's going on in her life!

1. First, I'd like to say that I have been a fan of yours since Making the Band 3, and I'm sure many of your current fans have been too! Before the show, had you been pursuing a career in music? How did it all start for you, as far as being interested in becoming a performer?
"Yes.. I was a solo artist and had released an EP locally. My father is a musician and was well known in New Orleans, he managed me and together we did gigs all around the south. I opened up for Anthony Hamilton for a Ladies tour he was doing in New Orleans. It was nothing but women. Lol. My dad said if you can get them to rock with you then we got something. I got a standing ovation that night. That's when we knew!"
2. A lot of my readers had been asking me about you and Que. Are you to still together? Is it hard to stay together since you both must have to travel so much?
"Music is my husband right now.. Lol .. And there can't be any cheating going on!"
3. I was on your blog the other day (DawnRichardBlog.com) and you have such a cool, yet unique, sense of fashion. What do you think inspires you the most in that field?
"I think there is a freedom in fashion I appreciate. I'm inspired by story told in clothes. There is a statement always being aid without saying a word. Colors ,texture, pattern are the voice. I love that"
4. What has it been like working with Diddy and Kalenna?
5. "A Tell-Tale Heart" is amazing! I love every song on there, especially "These Tears" "Vibrate" and "Me Myself and Y." What was it like recording the mixtape, and when can we expect a full solo album?
"It was liberating. I had a lot on my mind and heart and wanted to share..the solo album is coming this fall..I'm calling it "HeartMusic" ...'
6. Can you tell us a little bit about the current projects that you are working on?
"My album coming is a story of self discovery.. Which I think everyone can relate to.. I'm working on a jewelry line, writing for other artist as well."
7. If you could work with any artists out there right now, who would you choose and why?
"Adele, Florence W., Sleigh Bells, and Peaches"
8. Whenever I'm on Twitter, there's always a tweet from you, or a fans tweet that you're re-tweeting. I really respect that you are so connected to your fans. Some artists never seem to find the time to talk with their fans. What makes you want to keep connected so much, and what would you like to say to your fans who are reading this interview?
"They are the stars to me. I'm a fan of there rise from struggle. They deserve the love!!"
9. I have to mention this! I saw you performing at the 100.3 the Beat Super Jam 2 in Philly and you were amazing! You really were enjoying yourself on stage, and the crowd was definitely loving all of you. What does it feel like to have thousands of fans screaming and cheering for you?
"It is better than any drug, food, etc. It is the most humbling and fulfilling experience."
10. That was the last question, I want to thank you for taking the time to do this interview. Do you have any last thoughts or comments?
"Thank you for giving me an opportunity! Connect with me on twitter @dawnrichard and www.dawnrichardblog.com"
-Jay P-


Becky said...

GREAT interview. I guess her and Que aren't together anymore

Travis said...

Can't wait for HeartMusic it's gonna be hotttt. nice interview

Kristine said...

LOVEE it. your so lucky

Jasmine said...

she's so coool i cant believe u interviewed her. thats so great

Anonymous said...

omg i love dawn tell her I said hi!!!!!

Anonymous said...

NICE! she's so cool. i didnt even realize she had a blog i just checked it out

Alex said...

yesss. love this interview. I wish i were u ; )

Anonymous said...

omg does that mean her and que aren't together! awwww

Anonymous said...

love this interview! Please do a redcarpet event soon or something! that'd be so cool

Joe said...

i seen them in concert and they amazinggg

Anonymous said...

lOVE IT how did you get to start with all of these cool interviews. and are u doing an red carpet things soon

Anonymous said...

..u NEVER comment back to anyone any more. are u really THAT busy that u dont have time to respond to reader's and fans that actually look up to you...wow

Anonymous said...

ayyy luv da interview. so coool

Monica said...

omgggg this is a big interview. im so happy for u.