My Independent Youth Interview

Every once in a while I get to play the reversed role in an interview, and become the interviewee. I was recently interviewed by INDEPENDENT YOUTH. Above is a snippet of the interview. It's a great article and I definitely recommend checking it out. To read the full interview click HERE I love being interviewed and I think it's a great way for my readers to learn more about me. Thank you Independent Youth for the great opportunity!
-Jay P-

*Update* I've been made aware that there are problems with the commenting system of Blogger. Google is also aware of the problem and is addressing it within the next two days! I apologize for the inconvenience that this may cause you. I still can get emails and tweets though! (@OfficialJaySwag)


She. said...

Love it!


Anonymous said...

love it so much!

Jade said...

aw yay! i love interviews because we get to learn so much more about you

Marie said...

are u rich! u look so put together in that picture haha. nice interview

Anonymous said...

cool interview. keep up the good work