Has The Jersey Shore Run Its Course?

The cast of MTV's hit reality series The Jersey Shore is still going fighting over contract negotiations and have caused their flight to Italy to be postponed. The cast was scheduled to leave to Italy on April 18th, however only three members have signed on for the fourth season, and so it seems that they will not be leaving until at least May. While Ronnie, Sammi, and Vinny have all agreed to accept the undisclosed offer, Snooki, The Situation, JWoww, Deena, and Pauly D are still attempting to make more money. On top of the contract issues, the MTV production team is also having a hard time finding clubs and hot spots for the cast to become familiar with when they arrive at Italy. Italian club owners want nothing to do with the show and are refusing to grant entrance to the cast. Does this mean that the show has run its course? In my opinion if things don't get settled shortly then the answer is yes. A new reality show will come along and the cast of the Jersey Shore will become old news.
-Jay P-


Anonymous said...

im kinda tired of the jersey shore anyway. let it die

Delilah said...

idkk im kinda done with this show too. its whatever