Aaron Fresh Interview

Check out my exclusive interview with Aaron Fresh!

1. First, can you please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about yourself?
"My name is Aaron Fresh. I am a 18 year old Def Jam/Ncredible Artist. Born in Chicago but raised in Trinidad and Tobago. Living in Both America and the caribbean has influenced my music dramatically. I now have the ability to mix both types of music such as Pop and Soca."

2. I know you just co-hosted the pre-show for the KCA's. What was that experience like?
"It was something to never forget. Many stars like Jayne Lynch, Miranda Cosgrove, Big Time Rush and many more attended the event. The fact that i got the opportunity to interview these people in front of millions of people was amazing and ill never forget it! "

3. Tell us a little bit about your early life. What was it like being raised in American and Trinidad and how has that impacted your musical career?
"like i said in the first question, it has a had a huge impact and now whenever im in the studio i mix both "flavors" of music just for the fans! "

4. Do you write/co-write your songs? If so, what is the writing process like for you?
"yes i do write my songs and sometimes co-write, the process is very easy. when i get the beat, i try to remember one of my past experiences to write about or if that doesn't work, i think of something that everyone can relate too. "

5. Who are some of your biggest influences?
"Some of my biggest influences and Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Usher, Jay Z and Chris Brown "

6. What has it been like working with Nick Cannon?
"It has been a well spent year so far. From getting signed to co-hosting a TV show on Teenick with him, to Getting one of the best fan support groups in my life (#teamfresh on twitter) i been ovine every minute of this past year since ive been with him."

7. Where were you the first time you heard "Spending All My Time" in public and what was going through your head at that time?
"the first time was at a store in the mall called Hollister. i was really excited but no one knew it was my song that was playing. Everyone in the store looked at me like i was going insane."

8. What's an interesting fact about you that many people don't know?
"well many people don't know that i actually like some rock music and country! And i also love to watch animal planet."

9. Are you currently working on any projects that you can tell us about?
"i am currently working on putting my first mixtape out before my single (which is still being decided) and my album "FRESHnUp" is released!"

10. Do you ever find it hard to be a normal teenager with all the attention and spotlight? How do you remain grounded?
"At the beginning it wasn't hard to be the normal Teenager but now I find myself having to do meetings, interviews, shows etc. instead of hanging out with friends. Although it is a struggle i do it all for my fans and id gladly sacrifice my teenage life for them. And to stay humble really isn't that hard. I just believe in myself and keep the people that really care for me and not what i do, around me."

11. That was the last question. I want to thank you for taking the time to do the interview. Do you have any last thoughts or comments?
"I love y'all For giving me this opportunity to give all my fans more info about me! #teamfresh"

-Jay P-


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i love Spending All My Time! That's my fav songg

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