Nicki Minaj Is Not Bi-Sexual

Since the beginning of Nicki Minaj's career rumors have been flying regarding whether or not the young rapper was bi-sexual. She often would joke around saying things like she would have a threesome with Lauren London and Cassie, but she never came right out and said if she was bi-sexual or not. In a recent interview with Q Magazine, they asked her if she was openly bi-sexual. She responded by saying; "That's definitely not true...I guess some people are thrown off by me embracing gay culture. But I don't feel the need to explain that. Unless someone asks me a specific question."Well there you have it everyone. It just goes to show that just because someone supports the LGBT community, you cannot assume that they are a part of it. I also agree with Nicki when she says that she doesn't feel the need to explain herself. It's her life, let her live it!
-Jay P-


Stephanie Nogueras Interviewed By Bella Petite

Stephanie Nogueras, who recently won the covergirl competition for Bella Petite Magazine, was recently interviewed for the magazine as well! She did a great job for one of her first interviews. Check out an except from the interview below, or click HERE to read the whole article.

-Jay P-


Teen Mom 2 Star Jenelle Evans Arrested

One of the stars of MTV's hit reality series Teen Mom 2, Janelle, was arrested late last night on assault charges. Over the weekend she had gotten into a physical altercation with a girl by the name of Brittany Truett. Once the video broke on TMZ, Jenelle was arrested and then released on bond. You can watch the video by clicking HERE. Warning, the video is violent. What is our world turning into? Some people need to grow up and start acting their age.
-Jay P-


Bottles - Rotimi & Gucci Mane

Friend of Jay Swag, Rotimi, has recently released a song titled Bottles which features the amazing rapper Gucci Mane! This song is definitely hot and you have to go download it. Click HERE get your copy of Bottles. It'll definitely hold you over until March 29th, when Rotimi's highly anticipated mix tape The Resume drops. I'll be sure to post the link to that as well!
-Jay P-


Pia Toscano - All In Love Is Fair

Pia Toscano is definitely my favorite contestant on this season of American Idol. She has an amazing tone to her voice and her range is incredible. So far, she hasn't given one bad performance and last night was no difference. Check out her performance of "All In Love is Fair," by Stevie Wonder. The last figure of the song is so good that I can't stop listening to it. Not many people are able to just hit high notes like that right on without thinking, which makes her unique and a stand alone performer in this competition. I have to interview Pia someday. Good luck to her!
-Jay P-


R.I.P. Elizabeth Taylor

The iconic actress Elizabeth Taylor passed away early this morning, Wednesday March 23rd 2011, at the age of 79. She had been hospitalized for the past six weeks in Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. Hollywood has responded with nothing but great words about Elizabeth Taylor. Elton John said "We have just lost a Hollywood giant; more importantly, we have lost an incredible human being." Most of today's celebrities agree on one thing; Elizabeth Taylor was the last of the great and legendary actresses and a true icon. R.I.P, you will truly be missed.
-Jay P-


Chris Brown's Anger Is Back

R&B singer Chris Brown has recently been back in the public eye working on developing a new image for himself. Things have been looking up for the artist too. He has a new album coming out, multiple hit singles, and even a new video that was just released. However, all this could come to an end again due to his recent outburst on the set of Good Morning America. While he was being interviewed for the show, they asked him questions regarding the Rihanna situation and according to sources Chris stormed off the set, ripped his shirt off and then threw a chair through a window, breaking the glass. Now, I have to say that while his actions were completely out of line, there is no reason whatsoever to bring up the Rihanna situation in an interview, considering it is now 2011. Move on already!
-Jay P-


Nick Jonas Singing "Friday"

Just when you thought you were done hearing Rebecca Black's annoyingly catchy song Friday, superstar Nick Jonas decided to sing some of the song at The Concert for Hope on March 20 in L.A. The song, which became popular due to its terrible lyrics and horrendous melody, has been haunting the lives of everyone day and night for the past week. Original singer Rebecca Black stated that even though she has been recieving a ton of hate for the singer, and at one point she even cried, she will not let it bring her down. She also said that people may hate the song but at the end of the day it's still in their heads so her mission is accomplished. Do you prefer Nick's or Rebecca's version of the song?
-Jay P-


The X Factor Minaj?

Nicki Minaj is supposedly in talks to be a judge on the U.S. version of The X Factor. Executive producer Simon Cowell is interested in having Nicki as a judge on the show and reportedly met with her earlier this month to discuss the contract. I think she would be a great addition to the judging panel, who as of now is only made up of L.A. Reid. In my opinion adding Nicki Minaj to the show would earn the show a huge amount of viewers. I know that I would never miss a week if she was a judge. Now, none of this is confirmed but I'll be sure to keep you updated as more information is released.
-Jay P-


The Takeover

It's coming everyone! If you live in the Toronto area and you're a fan of Luke Bilyk, or Jordan Francis from the hit Disney movie Camp Rock and Connor Undercoverthan you're in luck. The two friends are teaming up to throw an awesome event called The Takeover. The event will be at The Opera House on Sunday, March 27th. There are general admission tickets as well as VIP/Meet and Greet tickets. Both are very affordable and you will definitely find the night well worth your money. There will be dancers from So You Think You Can Dance Canada and special guests appearances. I wish I could make it but unfortunately I won't be able to attend this time. Make sure you get your tickets at www.youngboss.eventbrite.com. Follow Jordan and Luke on Twitter @OfficialJman and @Lukebilyk1
-Jay P-


L.A. Reid to Judge on The X Factor

Island Def Jam executive L.A. Reid will be leaving his position as chairmen of Def Jam to assume a spot on the judging table of the U.S. version of The X Factor. Reid accepted Simon Cowell's offer earlier this week. The X Factor will begin airing in September and with L.A. Reid as a judge I have no doubt in my mind that there will be some amazing talent. I'll definitely be covering the X Factor, so make sure you check Jay Swag for updates as soon as the show begins.
-Jay P-


Justin Bieber Ft Rascal Flatts

Check out the new video for That Should Be Me, by Justin Bieber, now featuring Rascal Flatts. I must say that I think the video is pretty good and I can't really say anything bad about the song either. Maybe it's the fact that Rascal Flatts joined in on the song this time. Either way, let me know what you think. By the way! Did you guys hear about the girls that broke into Justin Bieber's hotel room? Apparently a group of fans broke into the teen singers room and took pictures of his personal belongings. Justin was enraged by this and immediately left the hotel as soon as he discovered what had happened.
-Jay P-


Nicki Minaj Demotes Dancer

Rap superstar Nicki Minaj recently had to demote one of her dancers, who was hired to be the lead male dancer in her upcoming video, due to him leaking the title of the video on Twitter. Nicki Minaj had wanted the video be a surprise for as long as it could be but unfortunately not everyone was on the same page. Toyin Koyejo leaked on Twitter that he was the lead male dancer for the Super Bass video, before the rest of the Minaj team was ready to do so. This resulted in his demotion from lead male dancer, to back up dancer. Now, in all seriousness this is not that harsh of a punishment, considering he could've been fired from the video shoot all together. Check out the above still shot from the "Super Bass video! I'm sure it's going to be amazing.
-Jay P-


Amanda Seyfried Covers "L'il Red Riding Hood"

Actress and recording artist Amanda Seyfried recently covered the 60's classic "L'il Red Riding Hood". She released it just in time for her new movie Red Riding Hood. I listened to the cover and thought it was great! I wasn't aware that Amanda Seyfried was a singer but after hearing her cover I must say that I love her voice! Also, I'm so excited to see her new film. I highly recommend checking it out soon. Make sure you buy her cover from iTunes by clicking HERE.
-Jay P-


Pia Does It Again!

American Idol contestant Pia Toscano does it again! Check out her amazing performance of "All by Myself." I really believe that she has a huge chance to win this whole competition. Tune in to American Idol tonight to watch the live result show. Also, let me know what you think about Pia's performance!
-Jay P-


Gwyneth Paltrow Signs Record Deal

Instead of watching Gwyneth Paltrow on the big screen, you'll soon be listening to her on your radio. That's right, the 38 year old actress signed a $900,000 record deal with Atlantic Records and will be working with them to make her first studio album. She does have a good voice and we've heard her sing not only on the hit TV Show Glee, but even at award shows such as this years Grammy Awards. According to sources the album will be a country/pop album. Paltrow has been singing since she was a little kid and her mother said that the two would always make up songs when she was younger. Looks like it's going to be a good year for Gwyneth Paltrow!
-Jay P-


YouTube Artist of the Month: Rotimi

This months YouTube Artist of the Month is a talented friend of mine named Rotimi. He has shared the stage with the likes of Fabolous, T.I, Trey Songz, Estelle, Bobby Valentino, and countless others. By the age of 15 he was performing at world renown Apollo Theatre. Now, 22, Rotimi's music has reached thousands of people and he has established a solid fan base. His music can be heard on VH1's Soul Player, and he even has a song out with Dawn Richard of Dirty Money titled "Already Know." The above video is one of my personal favorites. It's called "Beautiful" and has secured thousands of downloads and views daily. Rotimi is a force to be reckoned with and he is the future of R&B. I'll be doing a short Q&A with him so you all can get to know him even better. He'll be releasing his mix tape shortly and I'll be sure to give you a download link once it comes out! Make sure you check him out on Youtube and Follow him on Twitter @Rotimi1.
-Jay P-


Kim Minaj ?

Kim Kardashian released her song "Jam" the other day and we all hoped that would be the end of it; unfortunately it's not. Kim Kardashian released the above photo from the set of the official music video for "Jam." Kim is almost unrecognizable without her signature hair and it seems that she drew inspiration from Nicki Minaj, who is known for always wearing colorful wigs. I do want to say that I respect Kim's decision to donate some of the proceeds from her song to charity. It's nice to see a celebrity doing something good for others, rather than keeping all of the profit. Nice job Kim!
-Jay P-


American Idol - Pia Toscano

I haven't written much about American Idol this season, just because there wasn't much interest in the other articles I wrote regarding the show, but after this performance I had to share this with you. If you watched Idol last night then you saw Pia Toscano's amazing performance of "I'll Stand By You". It was definitely the best performance of the night, and in my opinion one of the best Idol performances of all time. She has a great tone and amazing range. Overall the girls definitely have the upper hand this year. Other notable performances were Thia Megia and Lauren Alaina. Tune in tonight to see who goes through and who gets sent home.
-Jay P-


Bieber Flips Off Paparazzi

Justin Bieber turns 17 and thinks he's big now! Justin Bieber went out to dinner for his birthday last night with girlfriend Selena Gomez. While the two were out the paparazzi were flocking to get a picture of Bieber on his special night. Bieber, who was just trying to have a normal night decided to give them what they wanted; a picture. He flipped off the paparazzi as he was in the car with Selena waiting to go home. In all seriousness, this is a normal response, especially when you're 17 and you just want to take your girlfriend out to eat. What do you think of Bieber's response to the paparazzi?
-Jay P-


Born This Way Video

Check out Lady Gaga's brand new video for her hit single Born This Way. I'm not quite sure what I think of the video. It's a little too weird for me but from what I've seen on Twitter, people are "blown away" by the video. Either way one thing is certain; Gaga is taking over the world. Let me know what you think of the music video.
-Jay P-