Chris Brown Goes Blonde

It's true! Chris Brown tweeted earlier saying "Look at me now" along with adding a picture of him and blonde hair. Does any one else find it as weird as I do? Maybe he's going for a new look considering his new album F.A.M.E. is scheduled to be released soon. The album will feature collaborations with artists such as Justin Bieber and Ludacris. Chris Brown has been in the media quite a lot this week and not for positive reasons. Earlier this week pictures of Rihanna were leaked and they are said to be from the night of the assault. I have seen the pictures and they are pretty bad, however I refuse to put them on Jay Swag because as far as I am concerned, what is in the past is the past. We do not need to bring up old business that could damage someones career. Anyway, back to the main topic. What do you think of Chris' new hair?
-Jay P-


Rihanna VS Ciara Twitter Battle

Every time I look at my Twitter newsfeed there's a new celebrity fight going on. Why can't everyone just get along! Anyway, last night songstresses Rihanna and Ciara went at it. Ciara was a special guest on E's Fashion Police and when a picture of Rihanna came up, Ciara stated: "I ran into her recently at a party and she wasn't the nicest and it's crazy because I've always loved and respected what she's done with fashion. I've ran into her before but this time it wasn't the must pleasant run-in.". Rihanna must have been watching because from there, the two engaged in a Twitter battle. I'll post the tweets below for you all to read. It seemed to end well, as the two made up, but honestly why are so many celebrities getting into fights through Twitter. Twitter was designed to help artists and celebrities keep in touch with their fans, not to bicker with one another.

(Note that the tweets begin from the bottom)
-Jay P-


Bobby V and Bobby Brown Team Up

Check out Bobby V's amazing performance of "Rock Wit'cha" on Lopez Tonight! Bobby V recorded his version of the Bobby Brown song for his upcoming album Fly on the Wall, which is expected to be released sometime in March so make sure you buy a copy as soon as it comes out! Bobby Brown even made a guest appearance and performed the hit song with Bobby V. I'm working on getting an interview with Bobby V, so we'll just have to wait and see how that goes. Let me know what you think!
-Jay P-


Born This Way Acapella

Last night at Madison Square Garden, Lady Gaga performed an amazing rendition of her new hit single "Born This Way." Check out the footage above. I have to give credit to her backup singers as well because all together they belted out a great acapella version of the song. I really wish the studio version was slowed down and didn't have such a pop feel to it. I think the song is much better when it's sang as a ballad, just because the words have such a powerful meaning and I feel as though by making it into a pop/dance song the meaning is diminished. Regardless, this is proof that Lady Gaga can sing live, despite what others say.
-Jay P-


Bieber Gets A Haircut

Stop the press! Call everyone you know! Justin Bieber got a haircut! That's right, the teen singing sensation who is known for his hair-style that simply became known as the Bieber, cut his hair today. He didn't get it shaved off or anything along those lines, but it's definitely noticeable. The haircut took place on the set of his video with Rascal Flatts. The hair that was cut from Bieber's head will be gathered and auctioned off for charity. No, that wasn't a joke. As far as for why Justin got the hair cut I'm guessing he was going for a more mature look. I mean, he doesn't look like a little twelve year old anymore. What do you think of his new hair?
-Jay P-


Archie Dropped From His Label

American Idol contestant David Archuleta has been dropped from Jive Records! A spokesperson for the label stated "Archuleta has been released from our roster, but he did not add a reason as to why this decision was made. My guess is that Archie just wasn't making enough money for the label. He is a talented singer, but in all seriousness, when was the last time you heard a David Archuleta hit single on the radio? Hopefully he doesn't get too discouraged about the decision. The only thing left to do is start over and prove to everyone that you still have what it takes to be in the industry. Good luck!
-Jay P-

All Of The Lights Music Video

Check out Kanye West's new video for All Of The Lights! The song features Rihanna and Kid Cudi as well. I must say, Kanye is coming back big time. His new music is great and all of his videos are on point, and this video is no different. Maybe it's because I have a new obsession with Rihanna and she looks great in the video, but overall well done Mr. West. What do you guys think of Kanye's new video?
-Jay P-


Black Friday Music Video

The video to Lil Kim's Black Friday, which is a response to Nicki Minaj's Roman's Revenge, released today and there are so many shots fired at Nicki Minaj. Check it out above. We all know that I'm a die hard Nicki fan but I can't really say anything bad about Lil Kim either. I think they are both great artists and I wish they could just end this feud. Let me know what you think about the video.
-Jay P-


Just Who Is Esperanza Spalding

On Sunday the world watched as Esperanza Spalding won the Grammy award for Best New Artist. As the beautiful songstress walked up to accept her award and give her speech, many people were left with one question; just exactly who is Esperanza Spalding. Well, I definitely had to do my research and I can honestly say that I am so glad she won! She definitely deserved the award. She is a very talented Jazz singer who has even performed not once, not twice, but three times for Barack Obama! With her old school soulful voice and her talented musical ability, she is definitely an artist of class, and talent. I reached out to her publicist to do an interview but unfortunately she was unable to do so because she is already in Japan touring! She'll be coming back to the US to do a tour after Japan so keep an eye out for there. Her publicist was kind enough to send a letter from Esperanza Spalding explaining how she felt about winning her first Grammy. Part of the letter read:

"I can hardly express what a surprise and a thrill it was Sunday night to receive my first
Grammy. In the category of Best New Artist no less. I was and am totally surprised.
This is really so un-believable. I am still overwhelmed with emotion and gratitude
for all of the people who believed in my music and who voted for me. This is a truly
inspiring moment!"

Congratulations to Esperanza Spalding. You deserve it!
-Jay P-


The 53rd Grammy Awards

Last night was one of the years biggest events in the music industry; The 53rd Annual Grammy Awards. There were plenty of performances and awards distributed but from the looks of my Twitter feed not everyone is happy. Overall the night was entertaining and I agree with many of the academies choices. I want to send a congratulations to all the winners especially those who are signed with EMI Artists and Songwriters. Also, a special congratulations to Lady Antebellum who won the most awards last night; a total of five! I thought the performances were just average but I'm going to talk about my two favorites below.

Oh! Did you see Justin Bieber's reaction when he lost in the category of "Best New Artist? Here it is just in case you missed it!
I'll be completely honest and admit that I thought Justin Bieber was going to win that category but I think it's great that Esperanza Spalding won. Congratulations to her as well!

Lastly, below are my two favorite performances of the night. First, is the tribute to Aretha Franklin tribute by Christina Aguilera, Florence Welch, Martin McBride, Jennifer Hudson, and my personal favorite, Yolanda Adams. All of these powerhouse singers did a great job belting out Aretha's music but Yolanda sang with such control that, in my opinion, put her in a different league than the others. Unfortunately I cannot find a legitimate link to this performance and all of the videos are being taken down but if you have a minute try to look it up on YouTube and watch it when you get a chance!
My second favorite performance was Eminem, Rihanna, Dr. Dre, and Skylar Grey. The whole performance was great and there really is nothing bad to say about it. Rihanna looked stunning(as always) and she sounded pretty good live too! I didn't know who Skylar Grey was at the time but as soon as I heard her sing I had to look her up. I'm not the biggest Dr. Dre fan but he did good also. Overall though, it was Eminem who really shined through in the performance and it made me realize that he truly is one of the greatest rappers/lyricists of all time.
Congratulations to everyone involved! I hope I'll be there next year ;).
-Jay P-


Grammy Teaser

It's my favorite day of the year; Grammy Sunday! I'm counting down the hours until the show begins. I love watching all the performances as well as seeing who wins the awards. Check out the video above for a little teaser of Drake and Rihanna's performance of "What's My Name." Justin Bieber, Usher, and Jaden Smith are also set to perform. It's safe to say that tonight will be an interesting night. This year I'll be watching the Grammy's from my house, but I'm hoping next year I'll be attending as a red carpet interviewer. One can always dream right?
-Jay P-


Lady Gaga - Born This Way

All you little monsters must be so excited because Lady Gaga's brand new single "Born This Way" has finally been released! Check it out above and let me know what you think. Be honest! In my opinion I would have rather it been something more similar to what she sang at the VMA's. I wanted to have something more serious like "Speechless," but hey everyone likes different things. Comment below and let me know what you're thinking.
-Jay P-


Stephanie Nogueras Wins Bella Petite Cover Girl Contest

Petite model Stephanie Nogueras is proving that no matter what the industry says, she will continue to follow her dreams and begin a movement for petite models everywhere. Stephanie has been selected as the favorite magazine cover girl for the soon to be release publication of Bella Petite. They will be a featured story on Stephanie Nogueras on Bella Petite's official website; www.BellaPetite.com. Be sure to subscribe to the website and make sure you follow Stephanie on all of her official pages. Click Jay Swag PR and you will find all of her information there. Good job to everyone who participated in the model search and congratulations to Stephanie Nogueras for winning!
-Jay P-

It's Almost Time for Degrassi !

Guess what!? It's almost Friday and you know what that means; It's almost time for a brand new season of Degrassi! I don't watch many shows religiously but Degrassi is one of the few shows that I have to watch every week. It may only be Thursday, but check out this video featuring Annie Clark, who plays Fiona Coyne, and friend of Jay Swag, Luke Bilyk, who plays Drew Torres. It'll definitely satisfy your sweet tooth until the new season of Degrassi premiers this Friday, February 11th at 9:00pm. Tune into Teen Nick, or Much Music if you're in Canada, to see what happens between Adam and Fiona. I know I'll be watching!
-Jay P-


Christina Aguilera National Anthem Rehearsal

We all know that Christina Aguilera messed up during the Super Bowl but check out this footage, thanks to TMZ, of her rehearsing for her big moment. She doesn't mess up once! She's even so confident with her performance that she doesn't finish the song. People have been saying that this rendition of the song is on the same level as Whitney Houston's, which is largely considered to be the best rendition ever. You can say whatever you want about her, but this is proof that Aguilera just got caught up in the moment. Her voice is still just as powerful that it was years ago and I think it was still great to hear her sing our National Anthem.
-Jay P-


Usher OMG Tour Part II

Usher may not have been performing at his best last night at the Super Bowl, but that didn't stop him from announcing the second leg of his OMG Tour. That's right! The tour will be returning to North America for all of his Canadian and U.S fans. While there are no definite dates yet, it is believed that Usher will be appearing at the following locations, along with guest performer Akon.

Fort Lauderdale
San Jose
Atlantic City


Super Bowl Halftime Show

There really isn't much to say about the performance from the Black Eyed Peas last night. If you saw it, I'm sorry you had to go through that pain. If you didn't see it, I'm sorry that I wasn't lucky enough to be you. The Super Bowl Halftime Show was, in my opinion, terrible! Fergie was completely out of tune, the mics weren't working correctly, and when you could hear them, it was more like an annoying, disgusting, sound coming from their mouths. I wouldn't even consider it singing! Usher came fell from the sky for no reason, just to do a quick dance performance of "O.M.G." which was mediocre at best. Overall I was really disappointed with the show and from the looks of my Twitter feed so were most of you! I saw so many tweets along the lines of "Changing the channel!" Sorry everyone, but for me this was a completely failure and possibly the worst halftime show ever.
-Jay P-


Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez Love Nicki

I guess I'm not the only one who loves some Nicki Minaj! Apparently Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez found a liking in one of Nicki's songs "Super Bass." Check out the video above where Taylor talks about it and even raps some of it, while Selena completely goes in! I love this haha. I think it's great to see artists enjoying each others music instead of feuding with each other or making diss tracks. What do you think of the video and who's version do you like better?
-Jay P-


YouTube Artist of the Month

This month's YouTube Artist of the Month is Blair Robinson! Check out her rendition of Trey Songz's "Already Taken" above. There's something about her tone that I really love. I can't put my finger on it so that means that she has that it factor. On top of all of that she happens to be Ray Charles' granddaughter, so I'm sure we'll be hearing a lot more from her in the future. Let's see what happens!
-Jay P-


Catching Up

Hey everyone! I feel like I haven't done one of these personal posts in a long time so I wanted to give you all a quick update on what's going on with my life. Well, today my new pair of Chiv Culture sneakers came in and I love them! The picture really isn't the best quality but you can sort of see them. I recommend them to anyone looking for a nice pair of sneakers, but are tired of wearing what everyone else wears. I got a new BlackBerry case! It's all white and it really makes me love my phone even more(lol I enjoy the little things in life). Enough with the boring things though, I know you want to hear more about the website. Well, I'm definitely going to be doing more interviews and event coverage. I can't really give out names of who I'm interviewing but I do have some scheduled so get ready for that. Also, there's going to be a new clothing brand coming out that I want to do some PR for because I know the clothes are going to be sick, so I'll keep you posted on that. I just really want the summer to come because I know it's going to be a great summer. I'm going back to Canada for a week and I can't wait for that. I kind of want to ...Take New York for a week...hmm I think I'll try and make that happen. I may even record it and you'll get to meet a few of my friends ;). You'll just have to wait and see.

Rihanna & Drake Performing at the Grammy's

I can't wait! The Grammy Committee has confirmed that Drake and Rihanna will be performing their hit song What's My Name together at the Grammy's. I love the Grammy's and it's actually in my top three award shows(the other two being the MTV VMA's and The BET Awards). I would love to attend the Grammy's some day and I really hope I can. As far as other performers, Lay Gaga is confirmed, as well as Eminem and I am sure that Nicki Minaj will grace the stage. I'm looking forward to this amazing night. Make sure you catch the Grammy's on February 13th!
-Jay P-