Edward Maya Interview

Hey everyone! Check out my exclusive interview with Stereo Love singer, Edward Maya! It was so great to get to interview him and I can't wait to hear more from him in the upcoming year. For more information go to www.edwardmaya.com, and make sure you like his official fan page, www.facebook.com/edwardmayaofficial.

1. First, can you please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about
"I am the artist/dj/producer known as Edward Maya, ILIE EDUARD MARIAN is my
real name. Maya means blessing, illusion. I am from Romania, I worked in
the past with artists like : Akcent, Mihai Treistariu, Costi Ionita etc
and my first song as an artist and producer was ¨"Stereo Love", after
this song I made "This is my life" and this Winter I released the 3rd
single "Desert Rain". I am a normal young man with big ambitions and
crazy dreams."
2. At what age did you realize that music was something that you wanted to
dedicate your life to?
"At 5 years old when my grandfather played at different instruments in the
house and then I realize that to become president, my first dream..is
hard..and my real vocation was music."
3. Growing up, who were some artists that inspired you to work your hardest?
"I love the classic music, I was raised with traditional music from my
country. My favorite band is and always will be Queen."
4. How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard your
music, and what makes you different from other artists in the industry?
"Well, I am the guy [who], when all the songs were made by the computer..no more
instruments..just the computer and its programs..[there is] no more color. I put
traditional instruments in club songs..and bring the shine that was
missing to the songs."
5. The reaction to your songs"Stereo Love," "This Is My Life," and "Desert
Rain," has been huge. What is it like to know that all of your fans enjoy
your music, and what was your reaction when you heard your music being
played in a public place for the first time?
"I know the fans mean everything..they put you up..and they take you out.
From there, I try to have a close relationship with them on Facebook and
try to not disappoint them.The first time I heard my song "Stereo Love" was in a club..the dj was
my friend, But everybody liked the song..and a couple of weeks after the
song was on the radio..the feeling was and is until today amazing!"
6. You've been extremely busy lately, but you've found time to start your
own record label. Congratulations on that. Can you tell us what made you
want to start a label, and what are you looking for in artists who may be
interested in working for your label?
"When I was at the beginning were 3 people that helped me come this far and
had faith in my talent. At MAYAVIN RECORDS I want to be there for the
talented and ambitioned artists without the chance to express the feelings
through music."
7. What advice can you give to aspiring artist?
"To be a good artist you need talent, ambition and a lot of patience."
8. If you could work with anyone in the industry right now, who would you
choose and why?
"I like Akon, David Guetta..they are good artists with amazing style or voice"
9. Safe to say that 2010 was a great year for you. With 2011 right around
the corner, what are some goals you would like to accomplish in the upcoming
"I want to take care of my label, to release some new projects I am working
on, to release my first album as an artist, to go in concerts all around
the world to see my fans."
10. That was the last question. I want to thank you for taking the time to
do the interview. What is the best way for fans to keep in touch with you,
and do you have any last thoughts or comments?
"On Facebook I always talk with them..I am doing our Facebook night once a
month and I answer to all of the questions..it's fun to spend time with
them, like this they tell me what they like or don't like in my music.
I like to thank you for this interview, to thank my fans for all the
support they shown me in 2010 and promise in 2011 to bring new and good
songs for them.
Love you all!"

-Jay P-


Anonymous said...

AMAZING interview. I was listening to Stereo Love on the radio earlier I love him and his songs

Jade said...

i loved the interview!

Unknown said...

Edward Maya this a incredible producer.Your musics make me feel goosebumps

Anonymous said...

he is amazing at everything he does

Zar said...

His music makes me come to life

Dillion said...

that song stereo love is soooo hot great interview

thara said...

Lov edward maya!!!
Lov his song and lov the way he interact with us at facebook
bless ^^

Anonymous said...

i love this interview soo much! edward is amazing

staff writers said...

great interview!!!

Anonymous said...

i like this interview!!!

Anonymous said...

u r a great singer
keep it up
i like ur voice when u say
in desert rain

I feel like a sand that's blown away
back into the storm
I'm inside this dream
That feels just like a desert rain

Will said...

great interview. his songs are soo good

Matthias said...

ur interviews are amazing! I want to be like you someday. Your the next big celebrity interviewer I know it! and Edward Maya is great too i love his music