Charice Will Be Back on Glee

Do you remember a while ago when Charice Pempengco appeared on Glee as Sunshine Corazon? Yea, neither do I. Apparently, the international star will be returning to the hit series but this time she'll be staying for a few episodes. In a recent interview she stated; "I'm going to be back on Glee. I'll have 5 to 7 more episodes. I think it's a great idea. We all know that Charice is an amazing singer and hopefully Glee will give her even more exposure and make her a bigger star in the States.
-Jay P-


Anonymous said...

she has the most amazing voice ive ever heard!

Gleek said...

I think shed be a great asset for the show. they should make her a regular

DK said...

her voice is better than all the other ppl on the show. and shes soo pretty so she'll be good