American Idol Season 10

It's finally here! The show that everyone has been waiting for, American Idol, began its tenth season last night. Now, we all know that there has been so much talk about this season, considering it is the first season with out Simon Cowell and honestly, I don't think America is going to miss him! The talent is there, the viewers are there, and I actually really like the new judges! Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez add something to the show that, I feel, many people didn't believe they would. Of course, there is no replacing Simon and Paula, but we all need to look at the new panel of judges, not as a replacement, but simply as a new panel, and in that aspect they succeed! I'm currently watching the second episode and I'll definitely be posting my favorite auditions tomorrow! Let me know what you guys think of the tenth season so far.


AI Fan said...

I agree. Ive been a fan of Idol since day 1 and Im watching it now lol but the judges are good. there not a replacement, no one can replace them. but like you said. as judges there good. i love it!

Anonymous said...

idk i think the old judges were great but i mean i guess the talent is still good