Mariah Carey - O Holy Night

Christmas is coming up and I love listening to Christmas music and spending time with my family on the holidays. One of my favorite artists to listen to during the Christmas season is Mariah Carey. I love all her renditions of Christmas classics, but we all know that lately she hasn't been performing to her normal standard. Well, above is a live performance of O Holy Night, performed just last week! I was blown away by her vocals in the video. For everyone saying that she is lip syncing, I just ask that you pay closer to attention to the performance. You can definitely hear her voice crack at times which is proof that this is in fact Mariah performing live. Think about it; She's had a few months to rest her voice and this is the product of that resting period. I love it! I hope everyone has a safe and merry Christmas!
-Jay P-


Mireya said...

same name. love her voice!

Tabby said...

shes one of my fav singers ever

Tis The Season said...

just got me in the spirit for Christmas =]. have a merry christmas jay p