Forever the Sickest Kids Interview

Hey everyone! Check out my exclusive interview with Marc Stewart from Forever The Sickest Kids!

1. Hey! First off can you please introduce yourselves and tell us a
little bit about your selves?

"This is Marc Stewart and I play lead guitar in Forever the Sickest Kids"

2. How did you guys come together to make a band and when did you
realize you had something that would work?

"Well, this is kind of a spider-wed story of how we came together....
Me and Kyle are step brothers, Kyle and Jonathan went to high school
together, Kent and I also went to high school together and Caleb and
Austin grew up together. Me, Kyle, Jonathan and Kent were in a band
before this as well as Caleb and Austin together. So after our bands
fading out we just kind of joined forces and wrote our first full band
song, Hey Brittany"

3. When did you realize you wanted to dedicate your life to performing
and making music?

"I think it had always been on all of ours minds as we were growing up.
Its a dream a lot of people have, we were just able to pursue it."

4. What makes you guys stand out from other bands that are in the same category?
"We try to keep a positive outlook on stage and be there for the fans,
because they are always there for us."

5. What's the craziest/funniest fan experience you've had?
"Man, everyday something new happens, our fans are so amazing and would
do anything for us. The other day in Michigan there was a group of 3
girls that camped out in a tent and sleeping bags outside of the
club..... it was their first snow days and there was about 2-3 inches
of snow on the ground and it was FREEZING outside. mad props to them."

6. What's an interesting fact about you guys that many people may not know?
"Me and Kyle are step brothers, and the first time I met Austin was
basically the first day of practice."

7. Are you guys currently working on any projects besides your next
studio album?

"We are finished recording the new full-length album and all so stoked
on it so we are putting all our energy and efforts into the promotion
and release of that album!"

8. What can we expect from the next album?
"Its gonna be the best material you have heard from us. We are all
extremely proud of it and cant wait to get it out to the fans. It
will be a full length album and be available in march. So keep
checking back to our websites to find the latest info about it!"

9. Which tour has been your favorite to perform in, and why?
"The Christmas Pageant tour we are on now with Family Force 5,
Secondhand Serenade and Shorelines End has been amazing so far.
Extremely fun bands and just an all around good vibe around the

10. That was the last question. I want to thank you guys for taking
the time to do the interview. What's the best way for the fans to keep
in touch with you guys, and do you have any last thoughts or comments?

"thank you to all of our fans for your support we wouldnt be here
without you!!! join us on twitter.com/officialftsk!"
-Jay P-


Anonymous said...

great interview! I love them

Jade said...

yayy i love all ur interviews im so glad u have a new one up

Mikey said...

there my favorite band dude! its so cool how u can interview all these people i wish i could

Anonymous said...

hey wanna trade lives?

Anonymous said...

just came across your site..are you famous?

Ant said...

there great! this was an awesome interview too

Anonymous said...

loved the interview!

K said...

great interview! Thanks for the comments, my interviews aren't as good as yours yet but hopefully one day they will be. I appreciate you classing me as one of the new generation of bloggers and I wont give up like the others. Thanks again Jay -Korinna

Anonymous said...

how do i know this is actually the band talking you could easily make this uppp

John Panichella said...

No interviews on my site are made up. If I wanted to do mock interviews, I would have way more than what I do, and they would be with legends. Also, by looking at my other interviews, especially the ones that I did in person, my credibility is confirmed. Thank you for stopping by. - Jay P of Jay Swag