Diddy's Flaming Model Is Just Fine

On Tuesday, comedian Kevin Hart was helping Diddy promote his new album Last Train to Paris, when the unthinkable happened! One of the models' hair was ignited and caught on fire. She immediately dunked her head back into the tub to put the fire out. All of this action went down live on the popular video streaming site, Ustream. When Diddy was asked about the incident and the models well being he stated; "I wanna say that she was a great sport about it, nobody got hurt...and she got back in the tub! It's the safest place, if you think about it....Good point. Now, since we know that the model was not injured, watch the video above and have a good laugh!
-Jay P-


Anonymous said...

"have a good laugh" ur not even right! haha but it is funny

Jade said...

lmaoo thats hilarious. at least shes okay

Anonymous said...