Happy New Year: 2010 Reflection

Well, I'm sitting here watching the hours go by and awaiting for the New Year to arrive. There are literally only a few hours left in 2010 and I've been thinking about how great of a year it was. I reached under my bed and I found a journal that I was using for a school project, two years ago. As I flipped through the pages I realized that I continued writing in it all the way up until December 31st, 2009. The last entry was titled. "2010 Goals." Following the title was a list of feats that I wished to achieve throughout 2010. Some of them included, conduct at least five more interviews, cover at least one more event, and reach over 10 thousand page views in a single month. As I read these goals I couldn't help but smile and realize that I achieved all of them. Not only did I conduct five interviews, but I shattered that goal and conducted 22. As far as events go I covered three more, not just one. Lastly, I wanted so badly to receive 10 thousand page views in one month, but back then, it seemed impossible. I can proudly say that over the past 30 days www.jayswag.com has received 110k page views. Before 2010, if someone told me that www.jayswag.com would receive even 20k page views I would laugh and say "Oh that's impossible," but this year has taught me that hard work and dedication really can pay off. I want to thank everyone that I've interviewed and worked with over the past year. Lastly, I want to thank all of you, the readers, for really making Jay Swag Entertainment News more than what I imagined. I can do all the interviews in the world, but without all the emails, tweets, and comments, I would have no drive to continue. So thank you for making 2010 the greatest year of my life. I wish all of you a blessed and happy New Year. May 2011 bring you all great joy and help you follow all of you dreams. Remember, no matter how old you are, you can always turn your dream into a reality.
-Jay P-


Official Monster Video

The official video for Kanye West's Monster leaked today and all I can say is WOW! The video is insane. It features flesh eaters, decapitated women, and a whole slew of disturbing images, but honestly, overall, the video is genius! Kanye West is definitely an artist and no one will ever know what goes on in that mind of his. There are tons of rumors floating around stating that the video is an illuminati attempt at corrupting the minds of its viewers, but I think that people just need to take it for what it is; a great video to go along with a great song. What I think is even more shocking and an even bigger issue is how in the world did this video get leaked? Kanye is very careful with his material and for someone to leak it is not good at all, for them.
-Jay P-


Chris Brown VS Raz B

This isn't good. Chris Brown and former B2K member, Raz B, have been going at it through Twitter for a few hours now! It all started when Raz B tweeted this: "Im just sittin here thinking how can n**gas like @ebenet & @chrisbrown disrespect women as intelligent as @HalleBerry11 and @Rihanna."...Really? That was completely uncalled for. Of course Chris Brown is going to defend himself, honestly, doesn't he have the right to do so? Unfortunately, the way that Chris does this is not appropriate. He responds with slew of racial and gay slurs. Not cool. Chris Brown then defends himself saying "I'm not homophobic! He's just disrespectful!!!!". I've been watching the argument go back and forth for a few hours and all I can conclude is this; Raz B is at fault for even tweeting something like that in the first place. If you're looking for another 10 minutes of fame, why don't you go to the studio and give us some new music, not try to start a fight with Chris Brown just for the publicity. Lastly, don't bring Rihanna into this anymore. She's moved on and is working so hard on her career. There's really no reason to go back to this dark chapter in her life. Oh how the wonderful world of Twitter can cause so much drama!
-Jay P-

Tyler Perry's Pressing Charges

A week ago, a few teenagers decided to have some fun (or so they thought) and break into Tyler Perry's Georgia home. While they were three intruders, only one was caught. 18-year-old Chloe Ware was caught, but she has yet to identify who the other two were. Unfortunately for her, Tyler Perry has decided to press charges on counts of prowling and criminal trespassing. Hopefully Chloe will learn her lesson and stay away from illegal activities...especially when they involve multi-millionaire celebrities.
-Jay P-


Lady Gaga Is A Fame Monster

Lady Gaga definitely is a Fame Monster. Her album entitled Lady Gaga The Fame Monster has been declared the top selling album for the year 2010. With over 5.8 million copies sold since its release in November of 2009, no other album has been able to top it this year. Congratulations to Lady Gaga. I'm sure she'll be seeing much more success in 2011.
-Jay P-

Rihanna and Matt Kemp No More

Rihanna and boyfriend Matt Kemp are calling it quits. After rumors were flying for the past few days that the two had split up, it is now confirmed that they decided to go their separate ways. Sources close to Rihanna are stating that the relationship was never as serious as it looked and it was always just about fun for the two of them. Well, if things were no longer fun I guess it's better that they move on. Hopefully things ended on a good note.
-Jay P-


R.I.P. Teena Marie

It saddens me to announce that R&B songstress Teena Marie, also known as Lady Tee, has passed away today (Sunday, December 26 2010). Teena Marie was the protogee of late funk legend Rick James. According to sources, Marie suffered a seizure last month, but had been home during the time of her death. She was found by her daughter, who contacted Marie's manager, who then broke the news to everyone. Marie is identified as one of the few successful white R&B singers and will always be remembered for her soulful vocals. She was 54 years old. R.I.P. Teena Marie. You will be missed.
-Jay P-


Merry Christmas !

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope everyone has a great and safe holiday season. There won't be any celebrity interviews or media coverage for today because really, everyone should be spending time with their family. So go enjoy the day! I hope everyone got exactly what they wanted this year. Either way, just be grateful for everything you have and especially for your family. That's all. Again, Merry Christmas to all of you!
-Jay P-


Jay Swag Video Blog - Q & A

Sorry it took so long, but here is the second Q&A segment I promised you guys. I want to thank all of you for leaving questions for me to answer. I hope you have a great Holiday Season.
-Jay P-


Mariah Carey - O Holy Night

Christmas is coming up and I love listening to Christmas music and spending time with my family on the holidays. One of my favorite artists to listen to during the Christmas season is Mariah Carey. I love all her renditions of Christmas classics, but we all know that lately she hasn't been performing to her normal standard. Well, above is a live performance of O Holy Night, performed just last week! I was blown away by her vocals in the video. For everyone saying that she is lip syncing, I just ask that you pay closer to attention to the performance. You can definitely hear her voice crack at times which is proof that this is in fact Mariah performing live. Think about it; She's had a few months to rest her voice and this is the product of that resting period. I love it! I hope everyone has a safe and merry Christmas!
-Jay P-


Jake Gyllenhaal & Taylor Swift

Recently, Taylor Swift began dating actor Jake Gyllenhaal. Apparently Jake knows how to treat Taylor. According to sources his most recent gifts to her were a $10,000 rare Fender Gretch guitar, along with 21 pounds of the best Kona coffee available. On top of this he chose to make her a birthday card, rather than buying one from a store. Now, while all of this sounds great, these gifts were just the small gifts. He purchased Taylor Swift a 30 carat colorless diamond bracelet (set in white gold) valued at $100,000. Wow! I wonder what he'll be getting her as a Christmas gift? Anyway, I think the two make a great couple and I hope everything continues to work out between them.
-Jay P-


Jersey Shore Season 3

Check out the official preview of the third season of the Jersey Shore. The hit reality series decided to film the third season back in Seaside Heights NJ. Now, I'm not a huge fan of the series any more but I must say recording a show titled Jersey Shore at the Jersey Shore was a genius idea! I wonder who thought of doing that... I'm sure I'm not the only one who felt that the second season just wasn't as interesting as the first. Hopefully this season will be a little bit better. They were recording for this season when Karelie and I were at the shore in the summer so it'll be interesting to see what the turn out is. Anyway, enjoy the preview above and let me know what your thoughts are on Jersey Shore.
-Jay P-


Bieber's Going Country?

Teen heartthrob Justin Bieber is trying something new. Justin Bieber will be teaming up with Rascal Flatts to record a country duet that will be released in 2011. The duo was actually an idea that came from Justin Bieber. When the lead singer of Rascal Flatts, Gary LeVox was asked about the duet, he said; "Justin asked us to do a duet with him on his next record,he went on to say,"It's actually a really good song! What do you think about Justin and Rascal Flatts working together? I think it could work out pretty well. I guess we'll just have to wait and see for ourselves when the song is released in 2011.
-Jay P-


Whip My Hair - Bird Edition

LOL! Check out this hilarious video of a very talented bird dancing to Willow Smith's Whip My Hair. As soon as it started I couldn't stop laughing. I want this bird! The sad part is...this bird dances better than me. Let me know what you think of my favorite video on You Tube right now.
-Jay P-


Diddy's Flaming Model Is Just Fine

On Tuesday, comedian Kevin Hart was helping Diddy promote his new album Last Train to Paris, when the unthinkable happened! One of the models' hair was ignited and caught on fire. She immediately dunked her head back into the tub to put the fire out. All of this action went down live on the popular video streaming site, Ustream. When Diddy was asked about the incident and the models well being he stated; "I wanna say that she was a great sport about it, nobody got hurt...and she got back in the tub! It's the safest place, if you think about it....Good point. Now, since we know that the model was not injured, watch the video above and have a good laugh!
-Jay P-


Usher...The New King?

Well, apparently Usher believes that he will be the one to succeed the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. In a recent interview he when on record saying; ;You know, we lost Michael Jackson. A lot of pressure is on me and I don't mind taking it. I wanted to make sure that you get that type of experience that leaves you saying, 'OMG.' The impression that I would like to leave is that this guy is really stepping it up to a level where people can hopefully compare me to people like Michael Jackson. I basically tear myself apart emotionally, energetically, connecting with you and making sure that you enjoy this moment." Now, Usher is definitely, a good singer, a great dancer, and an all in all very talented performer, but I don't see him anywhere near the likes of Michael Jackson. What do you think about Usher's statement in which he asks to be compared to the King of Pop?
-Jay P-


3 Number One Singles for Katy Perry

Three must be her lucky number! First there was California Girls, then there was Teenage Dream, and now there's Fireworks. What do all of these have in common? First, all three of these songs come from Katy Perry's album Teenage Dream and all of these songs have hit number one on Billboard's Hot 100. Katy Perry is the first female artist to achieve this accomplishment in the past 11 years! On top of all of this, she is also nominated for four Grammy awards. Congratulations to her and all of her success!
-Jay P-


Miley Cyrus Bong Video

About two days ago a video surfaced on TMZ that featured Miley Cyrus smoking a bong on her 18th birthday. At first rumors were flying that Miley was smoking weed, but that is not true. The smoke that filled the bong was actually salvia, which is an herb that can cause hallucinations. Basically, it gives the user an intense high that only lasts about 15 minutes. Now, possession of salvia is legal in the state of California, and that is where the event took place...so did Miley do anything illegal? No. However, Miley...you are 18 years old, you're a teen icon, and millions of girls across the world look up to you, learn to have some control over your actions and think about what you do before you do them. Secondly, if you are going to do something stupid, because what you did was completely stupid, make sure you can trust everyone who is with you, because apparently one of your friends felt like turning in that video was more important than covering up for you. Sorry for the rant everyone I just think its important for people in the public eye, especially teenagers, to always be aware of their actions and not do irresponsible things. That's all!
-Jay P-


Vote for Stephanie Nogueras !

Everyone! I need you all to do me a huge favor! Go to this LINK and not only like the official Bella Petite fan page, but also click the tab at the top that says Poll and vote for Stephanie Nogueras! Stephanie is a great person and deserving of the title Bella Petite Cover Girl because not only is she beautiful on the outside, but her charismatic personality shines through and allows her to be a great role model to aspiring models everywhere. All you have to do is follow the instructions above and vote! Thanks for everything.
-Jay P-


Happy Birthday Nicki Minaj

I usually don't celebrate celebrity birthdays on Jay Swag but I figured I should today, considering it's my favorite celebrity's birthday. Happy Birthday to the amazingly talented and beautiful Nicki Minaj! I will interview you one day, but until then I hope you have a great birthday. By the way, that's my favorite picture of Nicki Minaj!
-Jay P-
Everyone! Go vote for Nicki Minaj by clicking here and following the directions!


New Year's Rockin' Eve 2011

Are you read!? It's almost time for the new year, which means it's almost time for Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve! The Rockin' Eve special is definitely one of my favorite nights of the year and I love staying up to watch the performances. One year, hopefully very soon, I'll be attending! This year, expect performances by the likes of Drake, Ne-Yo, Avril Lavigne and many more. Also, Willow Smith will be staying up past her bed time to give us all a performance of "Whip My Hair." I can't wait to see it all! Make sure you tune in and watch all these performers come together to welcome the new year.
-Jay P-


Forever the Sickest Kids Interview

Hey everyone! Check out my exclusive interview with Marc Stewart from Forever The Sickest Kids!

1. Hey! First off can you please introduce yourselves and tell us a
little bit about your selves?

"This is Marc Stewart and I play lead guitar in Forever the Sickest Kids"

2. How did you guys come together to make a band and when did you
realize you had something that would work?

"Well, this is kind of a spider-wed story of how we came together....
Me and Kyle are step brothers, Kyle and Jonathan went to high school
together, Kent and I also went to high school together and Caleb and
Austin grew up together. Me, Kyle, Jonathan and Kent were in a band
before this as well as Caleb and Austin together. So after our bands
fading out we just kind of joined forces and wrote our first full band
song, Hey Brittany"

3. When did you realize you wanted to dedicate your life to performing
and making music?

"I think it had always been on all of ours minds as we were growing up.
Its a dream a lot of people have, we were just able to pursue it."

4. What makes you guys stand out from other bands that are in the same category?
"We try to keep a positive outlook on stage and be there for the fans,
because they are always there for us."

5. What's the craziest/funniest fan experience you've had?
"Man, everyday something new happens, our fans are so amazing and would
do anything for us. The other day in Michigan there was a group of 3
girls that camped out in a tent and sleeping bags outside of the
club..... it was their first snow days and there was about 2-3 inches
of snow on the ground and it was FREEZING outside. mad props to them."

6. What's an interesting fact about you guys that many people may not know?
"Me and Kyle are step brothers, and the first time I met Austin was
basically the first day of practice."

7. Are you guys currently working on any projects besides your next
studio album?

"We are finished recording the new full-length album and all so stoked
on it so we are putting all our energy and efforts into the promotion
and release of that album!"

8. What can we expect from the next album?
"Its gonna be the best material you have heard from us. We are all
extremely proud of it and cant wait to get it out to the fans. It
will be a full length album and be available in march. So keep
checking back to our websites to find the latest info about it!"

9. Which tour has been your favorite to perform in, and why?
"The Christmas Pageant tour we are on now with Family Force 5,
Secondhand Serenade and Shorelines End has been amazing so far.
Extremely fun bands and just an all around good vibe around the

10. That was the last question. I want to thank you guys for taking
the time to do the interview. What's the best way for the fans to keep
in touch with you guys, and do you have any last thoughts or comments?

"thank you to all of our fans for your support we wouldnt be here
without you!!! join us on twitter.com/officialftsk!"
-Jay P-

Keep a Child Alive

I'm sure that you all know about the Keep a Child Alive foundation and the Digital Death campaign that they launched. Unfortunately, the campaign is not going as smoothly as they had planned. Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Alicia Keys, Usher, and even the queen of Twitter, Lady Gaga, have all chosen to sacrifice their "digital lives" in order to raise money for the Keep a Child Alive foundation. Now, with all this star power, and all of their followers (Lady Gaga alone has over 7 million), you would think that raising $1,000,000 would not be all that difficult, however they have only been able to raise, collectively, a little over $200,000. Why is that? So far all the celebrities have kept their word and have stayed away from Twitter and Facebook until the one million dollars has been raised, but that seems like it may take a long time. All I ask is that if you are able to donate any more, go to www.buylife.org and donate just one dollar to which ever celebrity you choose. If everyone can donate one dollar then we can make a difference, and before you ask, the answer is "yes" I will be donating too. Lets do it!
-Jay P-


You Tube Artist of the Month

This month's You Tube Artist of the Month is an extremely talented rapper who goes by the name of Tory Lanez. Honestly, he has one of the best flows and he is a great lyricist as well. With over 14 thousand followers on Twitter (@TLanez) it's easy to see that this guy already has a huge fan base. I expect to see his career really take off within the next few months. Definitely keep an eye out for him! Congratulations to Tory Lanez!
-Jay P-

Ask Me A Question Round 2!

Alright! A lot of you have been asking me to do another video blog Q&A so here it is! If you participated last time then you already know the rules, but if you're a new reader here is how it works: You all ask me a question but it must be left anonymously, that way if I don't answer all the questions, you can't say that I ignored you because of who you are. I'll give you guys till Friday, then I'll answer the questions. There you have it! Those are the guidelines. Start asking questions everyone!
-Jay P-