Victoria Secret Fashion Show

The Victoria's Secret Fashion show was filmed this week! Akon, Katy Perry were there as well as other stars, and from all of the commotion on twitter, IT WAS A GREAT SHOW.
Adriana Lima wore the Fantasy Bra and opened the show.
It will air on NOVEMBER 30th so every one watch!

-Malibu Mara-


Anonymous said...

i lovee there fashion shows all the time!

Jade said...

I was afraid that she had stopped writing for your site. I'm glad to see you two are still working together! Love you guys as a team.

Fashionista said...

I have to watch this! i'm going to be the next Angel!

Anonymous said...

I love VS! <3

Anonymous said...

why am I not surprised that the two best blogs out there teamed up :). every other blogger should just stop