KT Tunstall interview

Check out Jay Swag Entertainment News' most recent interview with the amazing KT Tunstall, done by intern Briana Bell. I want to thank Briana for working so hard and for bringing a new audience to Jay Swag. Also, a big thanks to KT and Sneak Attack Media! Enjoy the interview!

1. Before we start, could you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about yourself?
"Hi there, my name's KT Tunstall, I'm a musician, shorter than you think, and a fan of bats, dogs, birds, good food, whisky, campfires, festivals, leather boots, and am currently listening to Kelis's new record."
2. Congratulations on your new record "Tiger Suit!" What makes this album different from your others?
"It's definitely more experimental than my previous records. I've brought electronica into the mix, and also freed up my vocal style in the studio. This record has a wilder streak and a more up-tempo feel."
3. I noticed a change in sound from your debut album "Eye to the Telescope" to your newest album "Tiger Suit." What inspired this shift?
"Well I moved towards a more band oriented sound on my second album, 'Drastic Fantastic', and my dance sensibilities were emerging at that time. I took a year out to write this album, and i dug deep to find out what was really turning me on creatively. I wanted to do something fresh and push myself creatively to make something that really excited me. Rhythm, wildness, atmosphere, an evocation of place, and great dance music all came out top."
4. What was going through your head the first time you heard your hit song "Black Horse and a Cherry Tree" playing on the radio? How about when it was nominated for a Grammy?
"This sounds bloody great, and I feel ACE!!!' and also, 'I can't believe 2 of us recorded that in a day..." I was happiest that it sounded different from everything else on the radio. The Grammy nomination was a real surprise and made me feel very welcomed by America."
5. If you were not in the music industry, what would your dream job be?
"God, there's so many things I'd love to do! Be a jeweller, a chandelier-maker, a meerkat handler, a cartoonist, a voice-over artist, a vintage furniture re-vamper, a radio DJ..."
6. When you're not in the studio, what do you like to spend time doing?
"Touring!! Outside of music, I love friends, house parties, campfires, films, books, walking, and being lazy!'
7. Where are your favorite places to shop? Do you have a favorite article of clothing?
"SoHo and Brooklyn in New York are great. I love having time to wander into independent places and pick up something really unique. What Goes Around Comes Around and Bess in NYC are great, and back home in London, Liberty's department store is so beautiful it's almost like going to an art gallery as much as a shop. I couldn't manage without my Fiorentini + Baker leather biker boots - I've worn them almost every day for 7 years!"
8. What's an interesting fact about you that many people may not know?
"I'm a pretty good skier."
9. Who are some artists that you enjoy listening to? Is there one artist that you've been dying to collaborate with?
"LCD Soundsystem, Silver columns, The Black Keys, King Creosote, The xx, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Beck, Gorillaz... I'd love to work with The Chemical Brothers.

10. I just wanted to give you a big thanks for taking the time to do our interview! Any comments or last thoughts you'd like to leave with us?

"Thanks for having me! Hope to see you up the front at a gig, and long live albums!!"

-Jay P-


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I love her! && This was a great interview!

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this Briana girl should definitely be a part of your team! this was a great interview

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i love KT Tunstall so much! This is my favvv interview from Jay Swag!

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shes really cutee ; ) holla at me KT

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can you please do a video Q and A soon! I really have a lot of questions to ask

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