The Justin Bieber Book

Justin Bieber released his highly anticipated book (the title is just way to long so I refuse to type it) yesterday and chances are if your a Bieber fan you've already read it front to back. I, myself, didn't read the book, just because I've been so busy. I did, however, find out some interesting information from the book thanks to a few sources. In the book he states that his family and team are keeping him grounded and they won't let him "get away with crap." I think it's so important that you don't let fame and publicity get to your head so I'm glad to hear that. Have you read the book? Let me know what you think in the comments. I really would love to interview Justin Bieber and I'm going to keep working on making that happen!


ImABelieber said...

please interview justin!!! prove to us that u dont hate him!

Anonymous said...

the book is great <3333 read it!