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Here's my response to all of the people talking about me hating on Justin Bieber!
-Jay P-


MalibuMara said...

aww thanks,
and lol i didn't even know people were hating over the JB thing.
LOL, do people not have a life?

John Panichella said...

Hey! I meant to tell you I mentioned you in this video but I went out with some friends! haha. But wow people were SOO serious over that. I was like..can you all chill lol

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you stuck up for yourself. I mean what you said was kinda rude but at least you stick by what oyu say which is good!

Jade said...

yay! im glad u responded haha

Anonymous said...

this Justin thing got way out of hand! You didn't even say anything bad

Jevon said...

lol, I love how all the comments where anonymous.
I'm not a JB hater either I can see where your coming from but I do agree with Justin this time