Stephen Jerzak Interview

Check out my exclusive interview with singer Stephen Jerzak!

First, can you please introduce, and tell a little bit about yourself?
"My name is Stephen Jerzak. I grew up in a little place called La Crosse, WI. 17 out of the 18 years of my life have been spent in my Wisconsin home. I started touring the summer after my 17th birthday."
When did you decide to really pursue music as a career, and how did you go about doing so?
"I started writing and playing music when I was 12 years old. I had no idea that it would blossom into such a big part of my life. I started a Myspace page for myself when I was 16, luckily in its prime, making it much easier than it would be now to start from nothing and build a fan base. I recorded a bunch of demos and put them up. As every week went by, the amount of plays just kept growing , and I ended up being the #1 unsigned artist on the Myspace charts before I signed with Universal Republic Records."
Who are some cool artist and people that you have met along the way?
"I’ve met too many people to say. I’ve been touring for a little over a year
now, and the bands I got to share the stage with have all been great. I
was in CA for the beginning of the year working on my album and I met/
worked with so many producers I’ve looked up to. Matt Squire was really
cool to work with since I’ve been enjoying his work since I started playing.
Also, Rock Mafia was another really cool team of people to be around."
I recently saw that you've been doing shows with Mike Posner and will be doing some shows with AllStar Weekend. What's it like touring and performing for so many people?
"I’m on the road with Mike Posner right now supporting the Up In The Air
tour. It’s such a change from the previous touring I’ve done! It’s already
a dream come true to be playing the House of Blues, but to be with Posner
really tops it off. It’s a really motivating vibe. But don’t get me wrong,
performing is the best part of it all, no matter how big or small the stage is.
I’ve played for people of all ages, shapes, colors, and sizes, and it’s such a
great feeling to be able to do so."
What sets you aside from other artist that would fit into the same category of music as yourself?
"When I started on Myspace, the cool thing to do was auto-tune vocals over
simply an acoustic guitar and a synch lead. That’s how I started my sound!
But after working with so many producers and just experimenting myself,
I’ve tried to be the first musician to incorporate the acoustic guitar as the
main instrument with a pop beat. I’ve never heard anything comparable to
the sound that my new album has captured, so I’m REALLY excited to start
releasing everything."
Who are some artist that you would love to work with, and are you collaborating with any artist at the moment?
"My first single, “She Said”, feature Leighton Meester. It was awesome being
able to do a song with her, cuz I’ve always been a fan! Besides her, that’s
really the only collaboration I’ve done for the album. My dream collaboration
would be with Taylor Swift. I’m a big fan of her, and getting to work with her
would be a dream come true."
What's an interesting fact about yourself that many people may not know?
"Uhhh… I play the drums fairly well!"
Do you want to venture into any other aspects of the entertainment industry?
"Funny you should bring this up! I’ve always wanted to do a voice over.
Preferably for a Pixar movie, but I would take what I could get! Acting would
be fun too, but it’s nothing that I really want."
What advice would you give to someone who wants to make it as a recording artist?
"The biggest advice is to not give up. So many people quit so easily! Dreams
don’t happen over night. If things aren’t looking great, the worst thing to do
is to stop trying."
That was the last question. I want to thank you for taking the time to do the interview. Do you have any last thoughts or comments?
"Anytime. Thanks for wanting to interview me! Haha! And thank you
to everyone who takes the time to read this! WHOOP THERE IT IS!"
-Jay P-


Anonymous said...

omg you realllly interview everyone...is there anyone that you DONT get to talk to

Jerzakfever said...

great interview! I love your website soo much

Tim said...

He's really good. I'm a pretty big fan of his music. congrats on the interview bro

Anonymous said...

I saw him on tour with Mike Posner and he was great live! I really want to be you!!

jerzakkk said...

he tweeted this! I really want to know how it feeeels to have all these famous people mention you on twitter!

Anonymous said...

I love your interviews! You have a really big range of people you interview from fashion to rap to hip hop to rock to indie i just love it!

daisybasulto said...

Stephen Jerzak is amazing! I'm so glad to hear he is doing awesome!! Loving his music right now like no other!