Alex Kemp - Heart Goes Boom

Alex Kemp, who is originally from New York, was in the acclaimed indie band Small Factory, but has now decided to make solo records. This year he will be releasing a series of 4 EP's. The first is already released and is titled "Rat D'Hotel," and the second will be released tomorrow! Check out one of my favorite songs from the EP titled "Heart Goes Boom!" With its catchy vocals/rhythms I'm sure you will all love it! For more information on Alex Kemp make sure you visit his official Myspace.
-Jay P-

P.S. I understand the file isn't working right now. I'm hoping it will begin to work shortly!


Anonymous said...

The track isnt working but I've heard him before. I love him!

Sean said...

sickk song i like it!

Anonymous said...

i really like the song!