The Suburbs YouTube Series

Recently I came across a YouTube series named The Suburbs. The show is focused on a group of teens living int he suburbs of New York and follows their daily lives. Everything you see in the series is real. I also did an interview with one of the main cast members Rana. Check that out below! Make sure you check out The Suburbs Season 4 on YouTube. You can also catch up by watching the previous seasons at www.youtube.com/user/thesuburbstv.
1. First can you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about the series.
Hey, I'm Rana and the suburbs is a show basically about me and my friends going through daily life and the in’s and out’s of friendships and relationships, who doesn't love REAL drama??
2. What made you want to be a part of this reality series?
Well we didn’t really plan on it but it was just for fun at first. It was for us friends to look back at our high school years we thought it would be fun to put it in a "tv show" format with opening credits, etc. Then it got serious when we saw that people were actually watching the show so we decided to keep it going and just step up the entire shows appearance so season 1 is nothing compared to what we offer now.
3. Is everything we see 100% reality?
Yes! Even though I wish some of it wasn’t, it honestly is. Of course there’s structure behind every episode like if there's no light we'll move or if we cant stop laughing at something well hold the conversation and start over..but its all real.
4. What has been your favorite episode to film? What has been your least favorite?
Filming every episode was my favorite. But the episode that was my least favorite...was filming the ending of me and my ex boyfriend Vincent’s relationship which I think is episode 402? My friends basically forced me to see him so we can confirm were over (on camera) because i hate to be so blunt but me and him sort of were the shows focus, so when we broke up it was like wow how will the viewers fully come to grips that its over? So that was really hard to go through AND watch. Just knowing people are able to rewind and pause YOUR life is a little hard to grasp.
5. What shows would you credit as inspiration for your series?
Laguna Beach, Baldwin Hills, The Hills, those type of docu-drama reality shows where they look like a scripted series, i like that illusion.
6. After this series, will you be working on anything else?
Charles (the shows creator/producer) is my best friend and is an inspiring tv producer and if he needs me for any of his projects im always going to be there for him. I can’t say much, but we ARE planning on doing a similar style spin off series once we wrap production. Were in season 4, we might do a season 5 but everything's up in the air right now, either way there will be another series to follow once were done with the suburbs.
7.Do you ever feel pressured since you are one of the main cast members?
No not at all; I mean.. I enjoy filming with my friends so I don’t really have the state of mind that I’m just the main character. Although i appear in every episode lol there's no pressure.
8. Would you be interested in trying out for an MTV reality show such as the Real World?
Yes, maybe in the future that would be great!
Thanks for taking the time to talk to me! Hope you all tune in & enjoy the rest of season 4!
-Jay P-


Anonymous said...

I've heard of it before. I'm gonnna have to start watching though!

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aw great! i saw ur video thats so cool

Kara said...

omg i went on the youtube channel and theres a video about you there!

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nice I'll go check it out. btw congratz on the blogger award nominations

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Ive been watching for awhile now..love this show!

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RANA..u wanna marry me...Im white and im not Vincent......ite don worry i no i already fit ur qualifications u like Vegas ur NY for the chapel

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Loveeeeee loveee loveee this series!

epoh thewow said...

the producer charles plummer is amazing in the way he edits , produces and structures this series he definitly is up there with the big boys on the silver screen he can direct and edit my show anyday the suburbs rocks!!!!!