Melody Ehsani Interview

Hey everyone! Check out JaySwag/Malibu Mara 's latest team up! We'll be providing you with exclusive interviews with the hottest designers! Check out my interview with Melody Ehsani, which was conducted by Malibu Mara!

First of all, Thank you for doing this interview! Im so excited to see what we come up with..
So I am so used to seeing your work in different places, I ordered a custom ring for my boyfriend, which I love by the way, what inspires you to create such awesome jewelry? It GENIUS!
Thank you so much. I truly appreciate that. I feel that accessories are the most fun part of your wardrobe. They say so much about a person...you really get to express your identity through them. That being said, my inspiration isnt really drawn from any one place in particular. If you pay attention to my pieces, you can see that they are inspired from a wide range of sources, anything from a Batman to Egyptian history to Spike Lee films. Its a mixture of my environment, dreams and imagination.
I'll probably be ordering more soon, as I see, you have a MENS LINE coming soon, what can we expect from that?
The mens line is very clean and simple. Its a capsule collection of Pins consisting of items like a custom designable Varsity letter which you can make in any letter, color, etc. and some other fun pieces like a Rocketship with black on black Swarovski Crystal detail. I feel like something small and fun like a Pin can change a mans whole outfit. You can go from regular to stylish with a simple detail piece from this collection.
Did your growth as an accessory designer take a long time or was it kind of like an overnight success?
I dont feel like my growth will ever stop. However, I do feel like this is authentically ME. Its what I do, its who I am...so as soon as I stepped into doing it, it was what you would call "an overnight success". It took long in the sense that growing up I never viewed design as a career option. My culture taught me much differently, that I had to do something safe and "practical". So I didnt open up to and explore my natural gifts until later in life, after I decided to drop out of law school, etc.
Have you ever attended a design school or worked in retail or in this field before?
After I dropped out of law school, I enrolled at an art school for about a year and learned all the technical aspects of product design. I dropped out of the program as soon as I realized that I no longer needed it. All through high school I worked at retail stores in the mall. Everywhere from the Gap, Guess, Bebe.....lol, funny thing is I design most of their accessories now under private label contracts. In terms of working for another designer, Ive never had experience doing that.
I see you are interested in advancing education in women, I support that completely, what made you want to take a stand like this?
Women are the greatest resource in our society. They are the first educator of our children, they institute the balance in our world. In different cultures women are taught that their value lies in things like
who you marry or what type of family you come from, etc. Many of us need to be educated and do some deep transformative work to wake up and show up in the world as who we are intended to be. I was inspired to take a stand on these issues, because Im one of those women. Now that I am "conscious", I feel like it is my responsibility to share this information with my sisters. Not to mention I am so inspired by young girls....they make me want to be better.
Im so glad I had this opportunity to talk to you, are you working on anything else that you want our readers to know about?
Yup, go get fresh at www.melodyehsani.com :)
-Malibu Mara-


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love her! and her stuff of course

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great interview!

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i have one of her rings! she is amazing

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i love it, shes so personable im glad she did this with us :)

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Melody makes amazing items and she is so sweet! love this interview. can u and malibu do more with fashion designers?

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