Malibu Mara X Jay Swag

If you're a Gilt Groupe member ( invite code ) you have seen they have the exclusive designer collaborations for the fall from Target! They have it way before target does and i have been waiting to see what Mulberry does for target, they are the makers of my favorite bag, the Alexa! Named after Alexa Chung of course! It retails for $1,500.

The Mulberry for target bags on Gilt ARE $15-$50!!!

I LOVE the all black one, but I'm taking the heart off of it LOL. I'm so glad they're bags came out great and excited for their collaboration with target!

Fashion Blogger, MALIBUMARA


Anonymous said...

those bags are so cutee! Jay Swag and Malibu Mara the hottest blog colab to hit the web!

MalibuMara said...

oo i like the gilt photo you added as well. I think it looks Dope.

John Panichella said...

Thanks! I was hoping you would like it lol.

Tanya said...

yooo ur guys collab is probz one of the best ones out there in the blogging world right now. Celebrity Blogger Jay P and top fashion blogger Malibu Mara? Who could ask for more.

blogluvr said...

lovelovelove these bags. and lovelovelove this blog. perfect combo right here u guys should do more stuff together