V Festival Coverage

(Photo Credit: Matt Hopkins)
Headliners kings of Leon were centre stage at V festival as tens of thousands of music fans visited Chelmsford's Hylands Park.
Huge crowds packed out the venue, spilt in to two main stages and many other tents. On Saturday the early arrivals were treated to a exciting set by Feeder, an alternative rock band whose biggest hits came in the late nineties.
Another of the early performers were The Coral, singing hits In The Morning and Dreaming of you which received great cheers from there crowd.
The Magic Numbers, Divine Comedy, and Paloma Faith were among the day time acts on the 4 music stage, all in which had a great crowd and many of there lyrics were sung back at them which produced a hair raisin atmosphere.
It came to the late afternoon and the crowd was showing full appreciation the set by the Editors, however it was not until Scouting for Girls and Paul Weller were competing for listeners at that point the festival showed it's split personality.
On the 4 music stage, the piano pop group had fans who new all the words to there hits suck as She's So Lovely and also Elvis Ain't Dead.
Where as a more chilled performance by Paul Weller was being enjoyed by a relaxed and older audience on the other stage.
The evening came and it was time for every ones favourites Stereophonics and newcomers Florence and the Machine hit the stage ready to warm up the crowd for the headliners; Kings of Leon and David Guetta.
During Kings of Leons act they played there most known songs such as Sex on Fire and Use Somebody, however this did not stop them from keeping everyone entertained for a full 90 minutes. Many people would say singing Sex on Fire with the band was there favourite part of the evening as it created an amazing atmosphere.

(Jay Swag's UK Correspondent Matt Hopkins with singer Pixie Lott)
-Jay Swag UK-


You Tube Artist of the Month

If you just got finished watching the video above, then your probably asking yourself "who is that girl with the amazing voice!?" I know that's what I asked myself when I first watched one of her videos. Her name is Christina Grimmie and she has one of the nicest voices I've heard on You Tube! She describes herself as a "video game geek" who can play piano by ear. Not only does she sing well, but her piano playing is amazing, especially since she is not trained to read music. Everything you hear is natural talent and I'm glad I found her! Check her out at www.youtube.com/user/zeldaxlove64
-Jay P-


Aubrey and Nicki Graham?

*UPDATE* So Nicki Minaj and Drake are not married! It was all a joke that the two played on their fans, through the popular social networking site twitter! I first believed it, considering they both confirmed it, but after digging around and reading some comments from their reps I realized it was all a joke. Finally, Nicki Minaj herself confirmed that their marriage had been "annulled." Sorry for mis-informing you guys! It happens to the best of us.
-Jay P-

Melody Ehsani Interview

Hey everyone! Check out JaySwag/Malibu Mara 's latest team up! We'll be providing you with exclusive interviews with the hottest designers! Check out my interview with Melody Ehsani, which was conducted by Malibu Mara!

First of all, Thank you for doing this interview! Im so excited to see what we come up with..
So I am so used to seeing your work in different places, I ordered a custom ring for my boyfriend, which I love by the way, what inspires you to create such awesome jewelry? It GENIUS!
Thank you so much. I truly appreciate that. I feel that accessories are the most fun part of your wardrobe. They say so much about a person...you really get to express your identity through them. That being said, my inspiration isnt really drawn from any one place in particular. If you pay attention to my pieces, you can see that they are inspired from a wide range of sources, anything from a Batman to Egyptian history to Spike Lee films. Its a mixture of my environment, dreams and imagination.
I'll probably be ordering more soon, as I see, you have a MENS LINE coming soon, what can we expect from that?
The mens line is very clean and simple. Its a capsule collection of Pins consisting of items like a custom designable Varsity letter which you can make in any letter, color, etc. and some other fun pieces like a Rocketship with black on black Swarovski Crystal detail. I feel like something small and fun like a Pin can change a mans whole outfit. You can go from regular to stylish with a simple detail piece from this collection.
Did your growth as an accessory designer take a long time or was it kind of like an overnight success?
I dont feel like my growth will ever stop. However, I do feel like this is authentically ME. Its what I do, its who I am...so as soon as I stepped into doing it, it was what you would call "an overnight success". It took long in the sense that growing up I never viewed design as a career option. My culture taught me much differently, that I had to do something safe and "practical". So I didnt open up to and explore my natural gifts until later in life, after I decided to drop out of law school, etc.
Have you ever attended a design school or worked in retail or in this field before?
After I dropped out of law school, I enrolled at an art school for about a year and learned all the technical aspects of product design. I dropped out of the program as soon as I realized that I no longer needed it. All through high school I worked at retail stores in the mall. Everywhere from the Gap, Guess, Bebe.....lol, funny thing is I design most of their accessories now under private label contracts. In terms of working for another designer, Ive never had experience doing that.
I see you are interested in advancing education in women, I support that completely, what made you want to take a stand like this?
Women are the greatest resource in our society. They are the first educator of our children, they institute the balance in our world. In different cultures women are taught that their value lies in things like
who you marry or what type of family you come from, etc. Many of us need to be educated and do some deep transformative work to wake up and show up in the world as who we are intended to be. I was inspired to take a stand on these issues, because Im one of those women. Now that I am "conscious", I feel like it is my responsibility to share this information with my sisters. Not to mention I am so inspired by young girls....they make me want to be better.
Im so glad I had this opportunity to talk to you, are you working on anything else that you want our readers to know about?
Yup, go get fresh at www.melodyehsani.com :)
-Malibu Mara-


It Boys

IT BOYS! Learn About IT! from It Boys on Vimeo.

I just got an email about one of the hottest new bands! They're called the It Boys and they are definitely worth checking out. Their hit song End of the World has been recognized by some big names such as Ryan Sheckler, Rob Dyrdek, Paris Hilton, and much more. Check out the video below. For more info on them go to www.itboysmusic.com
-Jay P-

R.I.P. Abuela

Hey everyone. If you follow me on Twitter than you know my abuela (grandmom) has been very sick for a while now, and I've been asking people to pray for her. I want to thank all of you who prayed for her and I just wanted to let you know that she passed away last night. It's hard, but I know she's in a better place now and she's no longer in pain. So as sad as this event is for my family and I, it's a great time for her, because she no longer has to suffer. I'm going to miss her so much, but I know that she's always going to be with me. Thanks again for everyone who prayed for her. Rest In Peace Mi Abuelita.
-Jay P-


It's All About Poppycock

America's Got Talent is getting boring and is making me feel like we don't have talent at all! There's only a few acts that actually show talent in my opinion. But last night, there is no doubt in my mind that Prince Poppycock stole the show! He needs to win. He has an amazing stage presence and his vocals are great. Check out his latest performance above and let me know what you think.
-Jay P-


Justin Bieber Pretty Boy Swag

Who knew Justin Bieber could rap? Check out this video of him rapping a remix to Soulja Boy's Pretty Boy Swag. What's surprising is, it's actually not bad. Maybe I need to give this kid a little more respect.
-Jay P-


V.V. Brown Interview

Check out my interview with the amazing V.V. Brown!

1. First, can you please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about yourself?
My name is VV Brown and I"m a musician from Northampton a small town in the UK. I am currently promoting my album traveling like the light and enjoy being creative in all aspects.
2. At what age did you decide that you wanted to pursue music as a career?
I knew I was fascinated by sound when I was 5 and I think I became obsessed by it completely around 11-12
3. I understand that you've written quite a few songs for other artists as well. Will you continue to do that?
I would love to do that. If there is time then most definitely. There is something fun about being apart of other peoples projects and understanding what they want to bring across through there music.
4. Who are some artist you would love to work with?
I would love to work with Damon Albarn. I know he is tremendously busy so who knows but I find him very talented and i think the collaboration would be quite interesting.
5. Your music video for "Shark in the Water" is going to premiere tonight during Degrassi and I cannot say how excited I am to see it! Are you happy with the video?
Its a great way for young people to discover shark in the water and because of it its such a blessing.
6. Who are some people who have had an impact on not only your music, but your style as well?
I have been brought up with quite an eclectic cultural mix so my musical tastes range from Bob Marley to David Bowie, Grace Jones to the sex pistols.
7. When your not working on something music related, what are your hobbies?
I love table tennis and philosophy.
8. What's an interesting fact about yourself, that not many people know?
I am fascinated by quantum physics.
9. What message would you give to all the aspiring artist and musicians out there who are trying to make it, but just haven't found their way yet?
Be patient and follow your instincts. Things don't happen over night. Let things grow and develop. Be who your are and enjoy the moments.

I just want to thank V.V. Brown for taking the time to do the interview! I hope you all enjoyed it!
-Jay P-


Lady Gaga: Twitter Queen

It's official! Lady GaGa has taken over Twitter now, and has become the most followed person on the popular social networking site. The previous queen was Britney Spears, but GaGa now holds the title with an immense amount of followers. Currently she is at 5,690,321, but that number is rapidly increasing. Do you follow the queen of twitter? Make sure you follow me as well at www.twitter.com/JaySwag_SODMG.
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Malibu Mara X Jay Swag

If you're a Gilt Groupe member ( invite code ) you have seen they have the exclusive designer collaborations for the fall from Target! They have it way before target does and i have been waiting to see what Mulberry does for target, they are the makers of my favorite bag, the Alexa! Named after Alexa Chung of course! It retails for $1,500.

The Mulberry for target bags on Gilt ARE $15-$50!!!

I LOVE the all black one, but I'm taking the heart off of it LOL. I'm so glad they're bags came out great and excited for their collaboration with target!

Fashion Blogger, MALIBUMARA

Alexis Nicole: Loves A Game

Check out this brand new video for Alexis Nicole's Loves A Game . The video was put together by Dream Runners Media, who also designed my twitter layout. The Song/video combo is great! Let me know what you think.
-Jay P-


Have Yourself A Mariah Little Christmas

Mariah Carey has announced plans to record a new Christmas album for the 2010 holiday season. Her first Christmas album, which was released in 1994, became one of the best selling Christmas albums of all time, and now she plans on doing it again. The album will feature six new songs and covers of Christmas classics, as well as a new mix of her hit song All I Want For Christmas Is You. I think this is going to be great for her. Hopefully she can pull through and produce some great vocals!
-Jay P-


Swazy Baby Interview

Check out my interview with Slip N Slide Records newest artist Swazy Baby!

1. First, can you please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about
I was born and raised in Cordele, GA. I been at this rapping thang fa' bout
11 years now. I don't really have a lane when it comes to music, I just do
it. Its gone be real doe.
2. Who do you think your biggest influences are, and have they influenced
you in any other way besides musically?
I think my uncle influenced me the most 'cause I know him personally, so
when he tell me something, 10 times outta 10 he telling me to help me. He is
a natural born hustler. I watched him and I learned how to hustle. I learned
how to go out and sell my CDs and talk to folk.
3. I want to congratulate you on being signed with Slip N Slide records.
It's an amazing opportunity. How did you go about getting signed with them?
Was it more of them finding you, or you finding them?
It took Bigga Rankin comin to a small city that a lotta people prolly ain't
gone never hear 'bout, for Slip-N-Slide to know Swazy Baby, ya feel me? I
don't know if he was talent searching or what but dawg had that much faith
in me to brag to Ted Lucas 'bout a country boy.
4.Also, congratulations on your single "I Sang." Where were you the first
time you heard your single on the radio and how did you feel?
I was in my city real late, like 4 or 5 in the mornin' and it came on. I
ain't really respond cause in my area, folk be tellin me I got 4 or 5 songs
on the radio, so it was nothin'.
5. If you could accomplish one thing throughout your whole career, what
would it be?
I wanna show my city the big city life, ya feel me? I know its boring than a
bi' down there, so one day Im'ma get some buses and take'em to da big
6. Are you currently working on any other projects besides music?
Music is my main focus, so I don't really have time to think 'bout what else
to do.
7. Are you working on any collaborations? Who are some artist you'd like to
work with?
Na'll, but I wanna do sum' wit' Jeezy, Drake, Wayne, and Nicki Minaj in the
8. What separates you from the other young artist who are currently breaking
into the industry?
My versatility and the fact that I'm from da country. The way I rap, the
beats I choose to rap off of, and that I'm hungry so I work hard. Alotta
people still gotta find theyself. They tryin to be somebody else. They
scared to rap how they wanna rap and rap 'bout what they actually do. I
ain't doe.
9. What advice can you give to someone who wants to become a signed
recording artist?
Grind hard independently first. Get in the streets and shake some people
hands. Let'em know who you is, ya feel me? Oh yea, and keep it 100.
10. I want to thank you for taking the time to do the interview. Do you have
any last thoughts or comments?
I preciate everybody who fuckin wit' me on da music tip. Check out my new
website www.swazybaby.com to download my latest mixtape "The Future of
Hip-Hop Vol. 2 - Follow DaRealSwazyBaby" hosted by Bigga Rankin and TJDaDj.
Request "I Sang and "So Much It" on your local radio station. The links to
follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and Youtube are on da website. And
be looking out for the "I Sang" video!!

-Jay P-


Justin Biebers Twitter Joke

If you follow Justin Bieber on twitter than you saw his little message that included a phone number, asking his followers to call him. The only catch was, it wasn't his phone number. The number belonged to a teenager named Kevin Kristopik, who hacked one of Justin's friends account a few months ago. Kevin's phone went crazy of course, and didn't stop ringing. He then deleted his twitter account, but not before posting this video! Check it out by clicking here. I mean, I guess the kid shouldn't have hacked into Justin's friend's twitter, but at the same time, as a celebrity you have to expect that and I think that Justin went a little to far. Do you think its right for celebrities to use their influence to get back at fans?
-Jay P-

Angelina Jolie Casted as Marilyn Monroe

The newest Marilyn Monroe film is racking up some huge star power. Angelina Jolie is set to play Monroe in the upcoming film that is based on the novel "The Life And Opinions Of Maf the Dog, And Of His Friend Marilyn Monroe." The film will be taking a different point of view, as it's being told through the eyes of Monroe's dog. Not only will Jolie be in the film, but guess who's playing Frank Sinatra...none other than Hollywood star George Clooney! It's safe to say that this film will have some amazing acting, as well as chemistry. I can't wait to hear more about this!
-Jay P-


The Suburbs YouTube Series

Recently I came across a YouTube series named The Suburbs. The show is focused on a group of teens living int he suburbs of New York and follows their daily lives. Everything you see in the series is real. I also did an interview with one of the main cast members Rana. Check that out below! Make sure you check out The Suburbs Season 4 on YouTube. You can also catch up by watching the previous seasons at www.youtube.com/user/thesuburbstv.
1. First can you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about the series.
Hey, I'm Rana and the suburbs is a show basically about me and my friends going through daily life and the in’s and out’s of friendships and relationships, who doesn't love REAL drama??
2. What made you want to be a part of this reality series?
Well we didn’t really plan on it but it was just for fun at first. It was for us friends to look back at our high school years we thought it would be fun to put it in a "tv show" format with opening credits, etc. Then it got serious when we saw that people were actually watching the show so we decided to keep it going and just step up the entire shows appearance so season 1 is nothing compared to what we offer now.
3. Is everything we see 100% reality?
Yes! Even though I wish some of it wasn’t, it honestly is. Of course there’s structure behind every episode like if there's no light we'll move or if we cant stop laughing at something well hold the conversation and start over..but its all real.
4. What has been your favorite episode to film? What has been your least favorite?
Filming every episode was my favorite. But the episode that was my least favorite...was filming the ending of me and my ex boyfriend Vincent’s relationship which I think is episode 402? My friends basically forced me to see him so we can confirm were over (on camera) because i hate to be so blunt but me and him sort of were the shows focus, so when we broke up it was like wow how will the viewers fully come to grips that its over? So that was really hard to go through AND watch. Just knowing people are able to rewind and pause YOUR life is a little hard to grasp.
5. What shows would you credit as inspiration for your series?
Laguna Beach, Baldwin Hills, The Hills, those type of docu-drama reality shows where they look like a scripted series, i like that illusion.
6. After this series, will you be working on anything else?
Charles (the shows creator/producer) is my best friend and is an inspiring tv producer and if he needs me for any of his projects im always going to be there for him. I can’t say much, but we ARE planning on doing a similar style spin off series once we wrap production. Were in season 4, we might do a season 5 but everything's up in the air right now, either way there will be another series to follow once were done with the suburbs.
7.Do you ever feel pressured since you are one of the main cast members?
No not at all; I mean.. I enjoy filming with my friends so I don’t really have the state of mind that I’m just the main character. Although i appear in every episode lol there's no pressure.
8. Would you be interested in trying out for an MTV reality show such as the Real World?
Yes, maybe in the future that would be great!
Thanks for taking the time to talk to me! Hope you all tune in & enjoy the rest of season 4!
-Jay P-


Post 500

(I had to write the sign backwards...I don't write that bad lol just so you know)
Hey everyone! So this is my 500th post and I was just going to post an interview but then I realized, 500 is a big number. Jay Swag Entertainment News began in October of 2008. It's almost October 2010, which will make two full years of this website. I've been looking back at my older post and just looking through old emails and I can't say how happy I am that this website is actually a success. It means so much to me that all of you come check out what I have to say. I remember when I used to get 10 views a day and I thought it was so cool. Now, I average about 30k views a month that number is just increasing. I've been able to attend the 2010 Warped Tour, which was one of the best days of my life. Some of the people I've been able to talk to, whether it was through facebook, twitter, email, phone or in person, are Trina, Sean Garrett, Luke Bilyk, Willie Taylor of Day 26, D. Woods of Danity Kane, Sum 41, A Rocket to the Moon, YouTube star Jessica Sanchez, and countless others. I can't say how happy I am that I've been able to talk with these people and it's all because of you guys! The only way I can really express my thanks to all of you is just to promise that this is still only the beginning of JaySwag.com. I never thought that I would be interviewing even half the amount of celebrities that I've interviewed and it means so much to me that you guys are able to bear with me through the breaks I have to take. I have so much more in-store for you guys. I'm working with Late Arrival Apparel, fashion blogger, Malibu Mara, and I may even be writing for another website which I'm so looking forward to! I'm also going to be working with local artist around here, promoting them and showing you their talent. Here's to another 500 post, and another, and another! This is really a dream come true. Thank you all so much.
-Jay P-


Love The Way You Lie

Check out the music video for the hit song, "Love The Way You Lie." I'm really feeling this video, and the song. I love the combination of Rihanna and Eminem! They definitely should do another song together. It'd be a hit!
-Jay P-


Jay Swag Q&A

Hope you enjoy the Q&A. I'll be doing more of these. Let me know what you think!
-Jay P-


Jay Z's Memoir

Platinum selling rapper Jay Z will soon be releasing a memoir entitled Decoded. The book will feature interviews with his friends and family and give you a deeper look into his early life and childhood. He will also discuss his songs and talk about what the lyrics mean to him. Apparently, he will also talk about his father, who left when he was only 11-years-old. This is definitely going to be a must-read so make sure you pick it up when it's released!
-Jay P-

Janelle Monae Cold War

Check out the video for Janelle Monae's Cold War. The video was released two days ago and I'm definitely feeling it. I love how the video brings out the raw emotion that was already in the song. This girl can really sing. I hope you all enjoy it too!
-Jay P-


Malibu Mara X Jay Swag

Hey guys its my Malibumara, most of you know me from malibumara.blogspot.com, IF not, that's me,
I am 20 and a fashion student ready to take over the world :) Jay has been so sweet to pick me as a guest fashion blogger bimonthly and it will be awesome, look forward to lots of cool editorials and maybe some interviews! Looking forward to seeing more of you all :)
-Malibu Mara-

Get To Know Me!

Hey everyone! For my next video blog I want to do a reverse interview with me. A lot of you ask me questions on posts, twitter or formspring, well I figure I'd make it easier! I want you guys to ask me anything about my personal life(friends, family, etc) or anything website related, and I'll answer them on Monday! All you have to do is leave a question for me on this post and I'll answer it in the video blog. One rule, your postmust be anonymous! I don't want people to think I ignored them for something about their user name or anything. If you post anonymously no one can say I was being biased and only answered questions from people I know. Like I said, I'll answer all the questions on Monday. Ask away!
-Jay P-


Luke Bilyk Interview

First can you please tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Luke Bilyk and I am 15 years old. I will be turning 16 this November 10th and can't wait! I've been acting since I was two years old and have three beautiful sisters that are 22, 26 and 27 years old. I'm very active and love all sports including football and ice hockey - to name a few. I have a drum kit at home and enjoy playing the drums. I am currently being home schooled and am in grade 10, going into grade 11. I also have a tutor on the set of Degrassi.

How did you go about being casted on Degrassi?

My Agent sent my headshot and Resume to Degrassi and I was called in for an audition for the role of Jake Matthews, which later got changed to Drew Torres. They liked me so I got called back to do another audition.

Do a lot of people notice you in public? Do you mind it?

Surprisingly, when I'm out in public people do recognize me and ask me if I'm Drew or yell out my name. “Are you Luke Bilyk? You’re on Degrassi right?” I get that quite a bit in places like Canada's Wonderland or at the Mall. I don't mind it at all and I find it amazing. It's not bad, it just takes some getting used to.

Are you more similar or more different from the character you play on Degrassi?

Our clothing and sports are very similar, but I think I am a lot nicer than Drew.

How has your life changed since you’ve been casted on Degrassi?

I am getting to do a lot of amazing things. For example, walking the red carpet at the MMVA's, meeting Miley Cyrus and being invited to the red carpet of the Twighlight premiere. I've also made life long friends in the process. I got to do live interviews on MuchMusic, film an episode of “My Date With” for MuchMusic and in a week I am going to India with my fellow Degrassi cast members to help build a school with Free The Children, an excellent organization.

Where do you see yourself within the next 5 years?

I would love to be acting in films in LA.

Did you find it hard to fit in with the previous cast from Degrassi, or did you all become friends right away?

Everyone is just so nice and I was welcomed in right away. It was not awkward at all. I worked with two of the cast members before on other shows - Jamie Johnson (Peter) on “My Babysitters a Vampire” and Jahmil French (Dave) on “Cartoon Gene”. It is so awesome to work with them again on Degrassi.

What’s it like to watch yourself on TV (do you watch with family, friends, or cast?)

It is pretty weird; I find actors to be their worst critics. I watch Degrassi with family and friends. Sometimes I have cast come over or I go to their places to watch.

A lot of people wanted me to ask if anything is going on between you and Melinda Shankar?

Nope, just the on-screen drama between Drew and Alli!

sstephaniexo says hey and would like to know what you look for in a girl?

For her to be herself. Also to be active and at the same time be able to just have fun chillin’.

fasizzlee from twitter would like to know which do you prefer, Drums or Guitar?

I prefer the Drums.

That was the last question; I want to thank you for taking the time to do the interview. Do you have any last thoughts or comments you want to add?

Thanks for the Interview John! Don’t miss Degrassi, airing Mon-Thurs at 9 pm ET on MuchMusic in Canada and on TeenNick in the US!

-Jay P-