Paula DeAnda Interview

Hey everyone! I recently got to talk with the amazing Paula DeAnda. Check out what we discussed below and keep a look out for her new material. I loved this interview and I know you will too!

1: First off, please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about yourself

I'm Paula Dienda pka Paula DeAnda. A girl with BIG Dreams is all..... hehe

2: At what age did you realize that you wanted to be a singer, and how did you break into the industry?
I was 16 years old when I first demoed a song which ended up on the radio... It was a song I wrote called "What Would It Take." I also performed it for the first time in Corpus Christi when I was given the opportunity to open up for Nelly the rapper.

3: What are some of your favorite songs to sing?
I enjoy singing along to songs on the radio as of now Bruno Mars,Drake,Keri Hilson. I find it interesting and fun to sing others songs and remixes.

4: What would your episode of MTV's "When I was 17" be like?
I recently watched an episode of that and thought to myself ......when I was 17, I was singing in front of huge audiences it was soooo surreal to me! I was dabbling in acting and staying in LA living out my childhood dreams.

5: Are you interested in making any Spanish songs?
Yes, very much so and have I have actually done a many in the past and would like to do more in the future.

6: What does the future hold for Paula DeAnda as a person, and as an artist?
The future holds endless possibilities. I don't give up! I'm a very optimistic person.As an artist getting back in the scene, I want to explain my struggles as well as my triumphs.

7: Who are some artists that you'd love to collaborate with?
I would love to collaborate with Usher ,Alicia Keys ,Drake and Nicki Minaj ...Not too much to ask for....lol.........

8: Are you working on any other projects right now?
Yes, I'm currently in the studio writing and staying busy! Can't wait to get my new material out there for all my fans who have been waiting patiently.

9: I asked my twitter followers if they wanted to ask any questions and they wanted to know, about your love life, and if you and JoJo are still friends?
Haaa.. How funny, I have a special someone ...Yes, of course we are! I think she is one of the smartest & beautiful old souls I have ever met. We relate in so many ways and she understands exactly what I'm going through ..In fact, she recently put something on twitter saying I'm fighting for my career and my freedom... yet and still it is a beautiful day in the neighborhood. The only way out is through.

10: I want to thank you for taking the time to do the interview. Do you have any last thoughts or comments?
I'm glad we chatted and you found me through twitter! It is a great tool for me to stay connected! Big things are yet to come & patience is a virtue!!!!
-Jay P-


Anonymous said...

love the interview!

Jade said...

Im glad shes maing more music i cant wait to hear more

Seth said...

shes hot. hook me up!

Anonymous said...

great interview. i love her s0o0o much!

Megan said...

i miss her