Diamond Interview

Hey everyone! I recently had the chance to interview the female rapper, Diamond. I really enjoyed the interview and I loved her answers! I hope you enjoy it too!

1. First off, I want to thank you for taking the time to complete the
interview. Can you please introduce yourself to my readers.
Answer: Hello, I'm Diamond from the rap group Crime Mob, and I wanna
thank you 1st and foremost for even take the time out for me also.

2. There are tons of rappers in the music industry right now, but you've
managed to stick around for quite a while. What do you think separates you
from everyone else, and what makes your style of music unique?

Answer: because rapping is my passion, I honestly cant even see myself
doing anything else right now at this point of my life, also my fans
drive me to keep going, cause believe me there are times where I wanna
walk away with my head down but I refuse to lose.

3. I heard that you recently signed a deal with
Battery/Jive. Congratulations! Can you provide us with insight onto how this
move will benefit you as an artist and what kind of music your looking to
make now?

Answer: Thank You! It will benefit me because now I have a full
machine behind me, so that will keep me grounded. To have that support
is amazing.

4: Aside from your music career, do you have any other future endeavors that
you're going to be working on?

Answer: I'm also working on building my label D.P.C. (Dime piece
collection) and also I want to branch out and build my own salon and
of course my own clothing line.

5: If you look back to when you were 16, how would you describe your life?
When did you have that "moment' when everything just clicked and you
realized you wanted to dedicate your life to making music?

Answer: wow! Actually it hit me when I was 14 years old and we
performed at the atrium in stone mountain ga. We got on stage and
music started and I had no idea what was about to happen and that was
the crowd rocked and knew every word to knuck if u buck, that's when I
realized this was my gift.

6: What was the most fun experience you've had as a musician?
Answer: meeting Eve on the set of the "My chick bad" video shoot

7: Who are some artists you've worked with that you would love to work with
again. Who are some artists you haven't worked with that you would love to?

Answer: of course Eve, and I have something special that I'm working on it
Right now as we speak so just stay tuned, cause its going to be well worth it.

8: What does the future have in store for Diamonds?
Answer: honestly from my heart, SUCCESS

9: I want to thank you for taking the time to do the interview once again.
Do you have any last thoughts or comments for my readers?

Answer: awwww no problem anytime, thank you all again also, I just
want to thank everyone for their support and just make sure you all
follow me on twitter at DiamondAtl and check me out on my day to day
life on my youtube channel diamondmusic32tv

-Jay P-


Anonymous said...

aw i cant wait to hear more from her

Taytay said...

love her. whens ur next interview gonna be!

Anonymous said...

i lov3d her in daa my chick bad remix

Tony said...

she's finee. gud interview