Chris Brown's BET Performance

I'm sure by now, most of you have seen Chris Brown's tribute to Michael Jackson at the BET awards. If not, I posted it above for you. Let me first say, that the dance tribute at the beginning was amazing, and the little bit of singing that Chris Brown did at the start of the tribute, reminded me of the old Chris, before auto-tune became his best friend. At the end, when Chris Brown started to break down on stage I felt like it was sincere. I've been hearing a lot of comments from people saying that it was all a PR stunt, but I honestly believe that everything from Michael Jackson being his greatest influence, to how much the song choice of "Man in the Mirror" related to his life, caused him to fall to the ground and cry. What do you think? PR Stunt or act of sincerity?
-Jay P-


Anonymous said...

sincere! it had to do with how the lyrics of man in the mirror made him think about the rihanna situation and that he wants to change himself for the better!! i love chris breezy!

Amandaaaayo said...

definitely a PR stunt. dont be too naive