Sean Garrett Interview

1. What made you want to transition from being a writer and producer, to an artist in the rap industry?
"Well I was an Artist before I even started anything else, and success just superseded me and my expectations was as an artist first, and I was an artist when I wrote 'Yeah.' I just happened to have another ability which is writing and producing music for other people as well. If there's any industry that would understand me it's this industry because I'm hustling my talents and I'm fortunate enough to have more than one talent. I just started writing my own records so people came to me, you know? They heard my stuff and were like 'wow, this is hot as hell, can you write some for me?'"
2. Who are some artists that you collaborated with in your upcoming mix tape?
"Young Gotti, Bun B., Nicki Minaj, Gucci Mane, Tiga Tiga, Young Money."
3. Who are some of your biggest inspiriations and have you met any of them?
"Jay Z from a business perspective and he named me Sean The Pen, Puffy who I've worked with on his album, Lionel Richie I took as a mentor and have been fortunate enough to meet him several times. Baby Face and LA Reid, the Neptunes, just to name a few. These people really have a lot of respect for what I do and so I can't be a happier person just to be on these people's lines."
4. You are a well known and respected writer, producer, and artist. Are there any other fields that you wish to venture in? If so, what are they?
"My branding game -- definitely coming up really strong right now, my next phase after being a household name is doing movies/acting."
5. What was it like working with international artists like BoA, and who are some other international superstars you would enjoy working with?
"I had a blast with Enrique Iglesias - He's a good friend of mine and an international superstar I went on tour with him, 'it was phenomenal,' pussycat dolls international was great. I'm going to Europe with my new publishing deal and getting ready to work with so much more internationally and I'm really just happy that my new company associates around the world and I'll be working with artists all over the world with people who really know my talent worldwide. The fact that I'm an artist and that I'm going to be jumping on a bunch of different records around the world is great."
6. What can we expect from The Inkwell?
"A great album, not stuff you expect to hear from a mix-tape, it's an actual full blown album. I'm giving my fans some brand new music. 'Nothing cheap about we doin over here," the next single is just so big that we wanted to give the album time to get itself to its full potential, its gunna be dropped next week."
7. Besides The Inkwell, are you working on any other current projects?
"Rihanna's album, Jamie Foxx's album, Gucci Mane's album, Lloyd Banks, a lot of pop music, Nicole from the Pussycat Dolls, just finished up Usher's album which has the first number 1 record off the album "Papers," working with Mario..pretty much just everybody."
8. Of all the songs you have written and produced, what song are you most proud of?
"They all mean something different. They bring back tears, blood, sweat, since they all mean something different, it's unfair to pick one song because it's just a beautiful thing to have the ability to share my life with the world through my music. 15 years from now I'll probably cry because so much goes into what I do every day, all my songs help me to really, really, appreciate life, and to be able to walk out and be healthy and do these types of things, to be able to document it in music makes me equally proud of all my songs."

Well that's it! I hope you all enjoyed my interview with the amazing and talented Sean Garrett. This guy definitely has his goals in line and knows what to do to achieve them. I want to thank him for taking the time to answer the questions. Check back sometime next month for another celebrity interview!
-Jay P-


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No, all the interviews are real..I work with publicists and get interviews that way.

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