Trina Interview

As I promised, here is my exclusive interview with platinum selling female rapper, Trina!

1: Now that AMAZIN' has been released, are you happy with the final product? What makes this album different from your previous ones, and what sets it aside from some of the current female rappers in the industry?
"Yes, I am very happy with the final product of my fifth album AMAZIN'. As an artist, I feel as though I did a great job with this album, so that makes me happy overall. This album shows more diversity from me than my previous albums. The music is full of life and positive energy as a whole. I wanted to convey being the strong sensual women that I am, so my music speaks from real life issues or situations."
2: What are some of your other hobbies and talents that many people may not know you enjoy?
"I really enjoy designing an array of different things including in the fashion realm. It's fun to me to be able to use your mind and own style in life. I am very creative. I also love interior decorating!"
3: At what age did you know that music was going to be your life, and how did you go about turning your dream into a reality?
"I was about 16 years old. I always loved music ever since I was a kid, I would rap and sing along to my favorite artists throughout my teenage years with friends. Then, I hooked up with Trick Daddy to do a song called Nann on his album! Next thing I know, I was recording my very first album!"
4: What advice can you give to the teen rappers of today who may not have access to a studio or top-end equipment?
"Be wise on your choices and needs to create music. You can easily use your computer to record good enough music to be considered a demo. Learn how to make and create on your own first."
5: You've worked with top artists like Nicki Minaj, Keri Hilson, P. Diddy, Rick Ross, and more. Out of all of the artists that you have worked with, who are some of your favorites and who would you like to work with again?
"Diddy is one of my favorite artists to collab with. He is very professional, as well as, I would love to work with Monica again in the near future. She was very supportive of the records she did for my album. "
6: Who are some artists you haven't worked with quite yet, that you would like to work with?
"There's one person that I would love to work with in the future, and that's Beyonce. She is my ultimate favorite artists as a whole."
7: What does the future hold for Trina as an artist? Can the fans expect a comeback tour to accompany your new album?
"The future holds many opportunities for Trina. I have a lot of different elements under my brand which includes my own record label, my first female group called Pretty Money, a new clothing line, a perfume, a cosmetic line entitled AMAZIN' and an upcoming reality TV show. And yes, for all my fans and supporters, I am planning to go on tour this summer. Details will be released soon!"
8: I want to thank you for your time. Any last thoughts or comments?
"Thank you as well for supporting my album and overall growth. I want to send a SPECIAL THANK YOU to all my fans for your support. My new album is in stores now Amazin'!!!

I'm so happy that I got the opportunity to interview Trina. She is truly an amazing artist and a great person. I hope you all enjoyed the interview. Make sure you purchase your copy of AMAZIN', in stores now!
-Jay P-


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i love trina! great interview

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great interview. keep up the good work

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This is my favorite interview from your site so far!

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nice interview. i love trina shes a very talented rapper.

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Trina's hot