Too Racy?

Another video that has gone viral this week is this video above, in which young girls (starting at age 8) are dancing to Beyonce's hit song, Single Ladies . The video has sparked a lot of controversy, and many people are arguing that the girls' dancing is out of line. I've watched the video a few times and honestly, I don't see the big deal. I mean, I guess the outfits could be a little less revealing, but the dancing is phenomenal. I don't believe that talent should have to be hidden until your a certain age. If the girls toned down their oufits I see nothing wrong with the routine itself. They were dancing in a competition and obviously they were going to be dancing to a song that is popular in today's society. In my opinion, this is all a bunch of people overreacting.
-Jay P-

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Anonymous said...

these girls need to be dressed in something more apporpiate!