Empire State of Mind

Here's one of those weekly updates on my life! Well, last week I went to Manhattan with one of my best friends Nicole,and we spent all day walking around, shopping, hanging out in her brother's pent house, and going out to lunch and dinner with her family. Overall the day was amazing, of course we were so tired from walking. We spent most of our time in the SoHo area and we both got a pair of some pretty cool Nike kicks. The highlight of our day was when we met comedian Anjelah Johnson(in the above photo)! You may know her from her stand up routine on comedy central, or from her hilarious role as Bon Qui Qui that aired on SNL. Aside from that I've just been busy with school and the website. I am currently working on an interview with a rap artist that I should have up, hopefully by the end of this week. Oh yeah! One of my favorite teachers got her first book published. It's a great book and if you would like to buy it you can purchase it by visiting www.adamsprepbooks.com.
-Jay P-


Erin said...

Bon-Qui-Qui is so funny i hateeee u ! i wish i met her

Jess said...

nicee you are so lucky.