A Look Into My Life

First, I want to introduce a new section to Jay Swag which is entitled A Look Into My Life . I'll try to post these a few times a month and just give everyone a heads up with what's going on in my personal life. I feel that the blog has become to impersonal and that I am losing a personality, which is the only reason I got to where I am now. Well, recently, I have been busy with school and catching up with friends that I haven't seen in a while. I've been going to a lot of parties and because of all of this I realized that I let my goals slip away. I've worked to hard to bring this website to where I want it to be. I've dealt with people telling me that nothing would ever come of it, or that I am "too young" to make a mark on the industry. As I look back on my website for the past two months I realized that if I continue how I am going now...they will be right. I need to start networking again, and interviewing artists, and posting more. I'm going to mark today as the rebirth of www.jayswag.com and I promise I will not let you down. On a more positive note, I've been planning my 18th birthday party and things are looking pretty good for that! Look forward to new posts, interviews, and more. Follow me on twitter at www.twitter.com/JaySwag_SODMG.
-Jay P-

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Anonymous said...

Don't worry about it! I knew you would be back eventually. Keep up the good work.