Interview with Carlton Totten

1.First off, can you please introduce yourself?
Hey I'm Carlton Totten from Taking the Stage Season 2
2. Since you've been on the show, do people notice you in public? Do you find this weird?
Yes people notice me a lot now especially when i go to the mall..its awesome.
3. What's it like watching yourself on TV?
Its awkward at 1st watching yourself on TV because there are many moments where you wish you could go back in time with the skills you have now and do better on something but its all good.
4. We all know that you have a variety of talents such as singing, acting, and dancing, but what's one talent you have, that many people may be surprised to know about?
I play violin and tap dance
5. The show makes it seem that you and Tyler have an on going rivalry. Do you consider it a friendly one or do you find it hard to get along at times?
Its all respect between Tyler and i. its a friendly rivalry He knows I'm trying hard as a dancer and he respects that.
6. What is it like to be able to to purse your dreams by going to SCPA, and what advice can you give those who wish to follow their dreams, but may not have resources such as SCPA to help them?
SCPA has opened many doors for me especially in molding my craft.. keep pushing and never give up.. It will come sooner than you think.
7. Being multi-talented isn't always easy and can sometimes distract you from your main goal. What is the main thing you would like to accomplish?
I want to be the greatest actor alive. dancing comes 2nd and singing comes 3rd.
8. For all the ladies out there, are you single?
yes i am single ;)
9. Who are your celebrity crushes?
Megan Foxxx and miley cyrus are sooooooo gorgeous

I hope you all enjoyed the interview. Be sure to check Carlton out every Thursday on the hit MTV reality series, Taking the Stage I want to thank Carlton for the time to do this interview!
-Jay P-

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