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Mark your calendars for the April 1'st date! Jay Swag Entertainment News Blog will be back. I will have an interview for you guys on that day and my coverage of entertainment events and celebrities will continue. I thank you all for baring with me through the lack of updates. I have been planning events and working on other projects, as well as focusing on school and venturing into other interests of mine. Be sure to tell all of your friends to be ready for the April 1st launch of www.jayswag.com!
-Jay P-


I know that I am really late, but if you have not checked out Siobhan Magnus' performance of Paint It Black then I highly recommend watching it now! She was by far my favorite person last week. The notes that she hits in this song are just incredible. Aside from her I liked Crystal and Aaron. These are my three favorite contestants and I cant wait to see what they do in this week.
-Jay P-

New Moon Trick?

Everyone who rushed out to buy New Moon for the deleted scenes are probably sitting on their couch right now, disappointed. Surprise, surprise, there are NO deleted scenes! The director himself, Chris Weitz, announced that their would be yet recently he stated, I'm basically a big fat liar...I put it out there that there are deleted scenes, but I just realized there aren't. It was an honest mistake."....When you are the director of New Moon and you promise deleted scenes...you better deliver deleted scenes. "Honest mistakes" are not accepted. I'm sure this will anger some people but I highly doubt that it will affect sales at all. Have you bought your copy of New Moon yet?
-Jay P-


Model Wipeout

I can't stop laughing! Check out the above video, from America's Next Top Model , in which a contestant falls, not once, but twice during a run way challenge! Both times are extremely hilarious and Miss Jay's reactions are priceless. Just thought I'd share a little humor with you to brighten up your day.
-Jay P-


Rihanna's Topping the Charts

Rihanna is topping the billboard charts right now! Her latest single, Rude Boy recently hit the number one spot. This makes her the first female artist, since 2000, to have SIX number one singles in the US. Rihanna is an amazing singer and a great artist and I think she is deserving of all of this, and more. Congratulations to her and I can't wait to hear what other amazing songs she will make for us.
-Jay P-


Que and Dawn Reality Show

One of my favorite seasons is going to have a spin-off! Que (former member of Day 26) and his girlfriend Dawn (former member of Danity Kane) are working on getting their own reality show The two met on Making the Band 4 and quickly fell in love and got into a serious relationship. Both have went through many struggles with their groups and know how hard it is to be a part of the music industry, and have said that a reality show would just be another part of their career. I think it's a great idea. I loved Making the Band 4 because of the people and I'm sure that Que and Dawn can provide us with an entertaining show. The show will be filming in the summer. I'll be watching, will you?


Avatar Wants More

James Cameron is discussing a deal with Fox to re-release the highest grossing film of all time in the summer. Avatar lost some screenings recently, due to the release of Alice in Wonderland, but the demand to see Avatar is still there. Many people are rushing to their local IMAX to see Avatar before it loses even more showtime. The idea is to re-release the hit film in the summer with an additional 10-12 minutes of footage, which would bring all the people who already saw it, back to see the new footage. What a genius idea! This movie is going to make so much money if they re-release it and I see no reason why they should not do so. I have to be honest though...I've yet to see the movie myself.
-Jay P-

Telephone Official Video

It's finally here! Check out the long anticipated music video for Lady GaGa and Beyonce's song, Telephone . I think the video is genius! Lady GaGa is simply amazing. She knows how to perform and she can show it through her music videos and live performances. Beyonce and Lady GaGa work so well in the video. Overall, I am impressed and think they did a great job with the video. What do you think?
-Jay P-


Simon's Engaged

Simon Cowell has confirmed that the rumors are true and he is, in fact, engaged! Simon and his fiancee Mezhgan Hussainy were on the Jay Leon show. When asked by Leon if the rumors were true, Cowell responded by saying, "I made a decision this year to make someone happy.". The two met on the American Idol set, where Hussainy is Cowell's make-up artist. Congratulations to them!
-Jay P-


Oscar Recap

Last night was the biggest night for actors, actresses, directors, movie/audio engineers, and everyone else who participates in the making of the years biggest films. If you watched the Oscars, then you already saw the above speech but I just wanted to share with you Mo'Nique's heartfelt and powerful speech. She made it known that it is in the campaigning that you win the award, but in the performance itself. Other highlights of the night were Sandra Bullock winning Best Actress and Hurt Locker winning Best Picture in an upset over Avatar . Congratulations to all the winners and nominees!
-Jay P-


Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland is doing amazing already! It brought in an estimated amount of $116.3 million this weekend across the states, and worldwide made $210 million! It's even Johnny Depp's second biggest box office movie (which says so much in and of itself)! If you saw Alice in Wonderland this weekend, what did you think of it? Does it live up to the hype?
-Jay P-


Alex Lambert: Best of the Guys?

The American Idol contestants have been disappointing me this year and I haven't really found any one that sticks out to me as a star yet. Last night the guys competed and one of my favorites was Alex Lambert, who performed Everybody Knows by John Legend. I really like this guy. He has an amazing tone that many people would love to have. I think that this could be on of the dark horses of the competition so I would definitely pay attention to him. He's only 19 years old and he has so much raw, natural talent. I can't wait to see what else we hear from him. Are you a fan?
-Jay P-


YouTube Artist of the Month

This months You Tube artist of the month is Lisa Lavie. She is one of the best You Tube singers that I have seen! She has a large range and does well in songs by artist such as Mariah Carey and other belting artist, which is a compliment in and of itself. Above is a cover Of Vanishing by Mariah Carey. Make sure you check out her channel and look at the We Are the World video. It's such a great idea!
-Jay P-